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"Dallas" was one of the most popular prime-time dramas of all time, spanning 13 years of network programming. Do you know who shot J.R.? Test your mettle with this quiz.

Which character is the Ewing family patriarch?

Jock Ewing is the patriarch of the Ewing family and founder of Ewing Oil.


Which actor played the "Dallas" character Jock Ewing?

In addition to "Dallas," Davis spent much of his career acting in Republic Pictures westerns.


Which character did the actor Larry Hagman play in the series "Dallas"?

Producers originally offered the part of J.R. to actor Robert Foxworth, who declined. Foxworth went on to star in the '80s series "Falcon Crest."


In the series "Dallas," what do the initials J.R. stand for?

In the series "Dallas," J.R. stands for John Ross. As the oldest son, J.R. was named after his father.


Which Ewing brother did actor Patrick Duffy portray?

Duffy played Bobby Ewing. When Duffy left the series, his character was killed off. When he returned the next season, his character's death was revealed to have been just a dream.


Who is Bobby Ewing's wife?

Actress Victoria Principal played Pam Ewing. She went on to create Principal Secret Skin Care and author several books.


What was the name of the ranch featured in the series?

The house used for the series was an actual Parker, Texas, residence named Duncan Acres. Today, Southfork Ranch is a popular tourist attraction and event venue.


Which "Dallas" character did the actress Linda Gray portray?

Gray played the character Sue Ellen. In the mid-1980s Gray was briefly fired from the series when she asked for a pay raise and a chance to direct episodes like her co-stars Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy.


When did the television show "Dallas" premiere?

On April 2, 1978, the television show "Dallas" premiered. The series was an evening soap opera-style drama featuring the Ewings, a wealthy Texas family.


Who was the creator of the television series "Dallas"?

Writer and producer David Jacobs created the series "Dallas." The popular show spawned another prime-time soap opera.


True or false: "Dallas" began as a miniseries.

"Dallas" originally ran as a five part miniseries. But it was so popular that it was then broadcast as a regular series. The five part miniseries is referred to as season one.


Which U.S. network aired the series "Dallas"?

The CBS Corp. is headquartered in New York City, but "Dallas" was shot on-site in Texas.


How does the character Jock Ewing die?

The plane crash story line was written when the actor who played the character, Jim Davis, died of brain cancer.


Who wrote the theme song to "Dallas"?

Immel is credited as the composer for 324 episodes of the original series "Dallas."


Which television series was a spinoff of "Dallas"?

David Jacobs actually created "Knots Landing" before "Dallas," but producers didn't like it and released "Dallas" first.


How many Ewing brothers are in "Dallas"?

There were four Ewing brothers in the series: J.R., Gary, Bobby and, eventually, Ray. Ray Krebbs was a Ewing ranch hand who was later revealed to be Jock's son.


Which actor was the only "Dallas" cast member to win an Emmy Award for portraying a Ewing?

Geddes won an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series. She played Miss Ellie Ewing in the series.


Which character first shot J.R. in the series?

Mary Crosby played Kristin Shepard, the daughter of legendary crooner Bing Crosby.


What night of the week did CBS air the series for most of its run?

Halfway through the second season, the series was moved from a Sunday night slot to Friday night, where it stayed until the series ended.


Kristin Shepard is the sister of which "Dallas" character?

Kristin was Sue Ellen's sister and J.R.'s secretary and sister-in-law.


True or false: "Dallas" inspired one television movie.

"Dallas" inspired three television movies: "Dallas: The Early Years," "Dallas: J.R. Returns" and "Dallas: War of the Ewings."


What was the official name of the "Dallas" episode in which J.R. was shot?

"A House Divided" was directed by Irving J. Moore and written by Rena Down.


The shooting of J.R. was the season finale for which season of the series?

The shooting of J.R. was the third season ending cliff-hanger. Viewers had to wait until the fourth episode of season four to find out who had shot J.R. Even the cast was kept in the dark; producers had every character shoot J.R. during filming.


What was Ellie Ewing's maiden name?

Ellie had the maiden name of Southworth. While Barbara Bel Geddes played Ellie Ewing throughout most of the series, actress Donna Reed played the character for 24 episodes of the 1984-85 season of the series.


How many episodes of the original series "Dallas" were produced?

CBS aired 356 episodes of the original series "Dallas." The show ran for 14 seasons.


Which actor appeared in all 356 episodes of the original series?

Hagman was the only actor to appear in all 356 episodes. Kercheval remained with the series for the entire run just as Larry Hagman, but he did not appear in every episode.


When did the last episode of the original "Dallas" series air?

The last episode of "Dallas" aired on May 3, 1991. The episode, titled "Conundrum," showed how life would have been had J.R. Ewing never been born.


When did the revival series of "Dallas" premiere?

The revival and continuation of the television series "Dallas" premiered on June 13, 2012. The new series featured four cast members of the original series, including Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Ken Kercheval.


True or false: The "Dallas" revival series aired on the TNT network.

This is true. TNT was founded by media mogul Ted Turner in 1988.


When did the last episode of the new "Dallas" series air?

The last episode of the new "Dallas" series aired on Sept. 22, 2014. Throughout the three season run, there were 40 episodes produced.


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