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By: Lauren Lubas
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"The Simpsons" brought animation to prime time with its "adult" content — its benign swearing and violent content inspired some protests. This content also inspired dozens of crude animated series through the years. Among the animated series that were created, "Family Guy" has probably been the most resilient. After being canceled by Fox in 2002, it was picked up by Adult Swim. Sky-high DVD sales made Fox realize that they made a huge mistake, so they brought the show back, despite the questionable content. 

Fans love "Family Guy" for its unapologetic nature and the fact that it is a cross section of small town America (if you don't consider how out-of-this-world some of the characters and situations are). However, it's the characters that keep us coming back to the show. They are ignorant, arrogant and kind of stupid, but they are hilarious, honest and representative of what Americans really are: complex. 

If you have been an avid fan of "Family Guy" since it was released in 1999, you can probably name just about every main character, but this quiz is going to be a little tougher than that. Take this quiz to see just how many of these memorable supporting characters you can name.

Who doesn't love a character who has a dog just as old as he is? All right, Herbert is definitely on the creepy side, and he makes it quite clear that he loves little boys (in the bad way). Every other character on the show seems to be ignorant of this fact.

Every long-running animated series has a recurring doctor who shows up from time to time, whenever one of the characters is in need of medical attention. Dr. Elmer Hartman belongs to the "Family Guy" series.

Ernie the Giant Chicken is one of those characters we loved to see when he first showed up, but after five or so 10-minute battle scenes, his presence kind of ran its course. He's still fun to have around, though, and even gets a line or two these days.

Cleveland was everyone's favorite slow-talking sub character, so it only made sense that he would get his own show. His signature yellow shirt and thick mustache will give him away if you don't hear his voice.

Every great adult cartoon series has a news reporter to give us a little bit of exposition to expedite storylines. Tom Tucker plays this role on the "Family Guy" series. He is dry and funny and says some off-the-wall stuff.

When we first meet Quagmire, we think of him as the funny single friend of Peter's who is a playboy through and through. He'll take any girl, and he likes to get a little creative. His house isn't suitable for children.

Bruce is a character that was clearly created to fill a little bit of time when the stories run short. He is a nice guy, of course, and he tends to continue speaking after people leave the room.

Carter Pewterschmidt is Lois Griffin's father. He is rich and acts according to his social class. In one episode, we find out that a famous media mogul had an affair with Carter's dog ... which ends up making interesting puppies.

Of all of the controversy that "Family Guy" brings to the table, the God character is what people get most heated about. He's usually seen as a joke or in religious parody, upsetting those who are serious about their religion.

While we haven't seen Evil Monkey in some time, he is one of the most memorable characters from the first half of the series. He scares Chris Griffin and simply shows up from time to time, just to point at people angrily.

While seeing Seamus the first time was hilarious — he functions rather well for a man with wooden arms and legs — fans needed the character to be better developed before they truly warmed up to him.

In earlier seasons, Greased-Up Deaf Guy was a character that we saw running around every once in a while. No one could catch him as he ran around naked. He can be seen in episodes all the way up to season 15 of the show.

Stewie is a baby genius who creates machines, serums and antidotes all the time. His sidekick and partner in crime is Rupert. Rupert may be the only thing in the world that Stewie really loves (besides Brian).

Death is an interesting character in any television show, but when we see him on "Family Guy," we start to see the lighter side of things. He's a grim reaper who works hard, but for some reason, he can't kill Peter.

It's common for animals to resemble their owners, and Jesse is no different. His back legs are paralyzed, and he's older than dirt, but he doesn't let those facts stop him from following Herbert wherever he goes.

James Woods can be found on several adult cartoon series, but he is most remembered for his role on "Family Guy." His character on the show goes through a lot. He even dies and is resurrected.

Neil Goldman is the stereotypical high school geek. He has zits, glasses and a funny voice. His love for Meg in the beginning of the series gives him a solid role on the show, but being the son of a pharmacy owner gets him Meg's attention.

Jake Tucker has a bit of an attitude, and he's kind of a mean kid. He is the son of news anchor Tom Tucker, and he's a spoiled rotten brat about it. We suppose having an upside down face might be part of his attitude problem.

She may have begun as a background character, but since her first appearance, fans have loved this Spanish-speaking character. She has been the maid to pretty much everyone, including Superman and Darth Vader.

Kevin Swanson has a lot to live up to. His father was injured in the line of duty and remains a hero, even in his wheelchair. Kevin joins the Army and tries to find his own path throughout the show.

Loretta Brown was an interesting character (until they killed her off with a brontosaurus skeleton). She cheated on her husband with Quagmire, making for an interesting interaction between the neighbors.

Connie might be mean and spoiled and kind of a jerk, but Meg likes her and tries to be friends with her, while Chris tries to date her. She must have something the other girls don't have if she's acting like that — probably daddy issues.

Buzz Killington is from a different time. While he might have been at the top of his social class in the 19th century, he's far from cool and often ruins the fun of the characters who are around him.

Fouad loves to explain your own jokes to you, and he wants nothing more than to learn how American humor works. He laughs as loud as anyone can laugh, then shows how he understands sarcasm.

While fans hated that fact that we lost Brian Griffin (for all of a few episodes), his replacement Vinny gave us a few laughs. Vinny is 1/16 cat and refers to himself as a "pussy hound" to those who don't know him.

Evil Peter isn't too much different from regular Peter, except for the fact that he murders women and has an odd cackling laugh if he sees people who are in misery. He was spawned from Peter's hand when it was severed.

Bertram is Stewie Griffin's frenemy, who has been seen in a few episodes. We first meet him when Stewie tries to kill off sperm in hopes of remaining the baby of the family, but Bertram soon becomes a living character.

Patrick Pewterschimdt is the long lost brother of Lois Griffin. She doesn't know anything about him, because he was locked away in a mental institution (Brookfield Insane Asylum) after watching something happen between his mother and Jackie Gleason.

Thelma Griffin might not seem like a model mother, but looking back, you might see that she did what she could with what she had. She basically raised Peter on her own — even though throwing whiskey bottles was a part of her parenting.

Tricia Takanawa is a news reporter that you see delivering the news on location in most "Family Guy" episodes. She first appeared in season two and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Adam West played Mayor Adam West of Quahog in the series, until his death in 2017. The character is paranoid and a little dumb. The actor Adam West played Batman on TV back in the 1960s.

If you remember Jillian from the older episodes, you may recall Stewie making fun of how dumb she is. However, she actually ends up marrying a smart guy that Brian is a little jealous of.

Everyone knows that meeting your heroes really changes your perspective. This is no different when Stewie Griffin meets the original blonde Mother Maggie from "Jolly Farm Revue" and learns that she's not very nice at all. When the British "Jolly Farm Revue" is remade for America, Mother Maggie is played by a brunette.

After Francis Griffin dies, Peter learns that he has a different biological father. He travels to Ireland to meet Mickey McFinnigan, who challenges him to a drinking contest to prove paternity. It works, and Peter finally gets to know his biological father.

Al Harrington is a background character that you might remember from his commercials. He owns Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman Emporium and Warehouse. It's a pretty big name for a business, but it's all his.

Jasper has declared himself the rice queen. This gay dog living in Los Angeles works at a Club Med and teaches dance. Jasper helps Brian when he wants to become a director, and he can be seen on several episodes of the show.

After Peter finds out that his great-great-great-great-grandfather was an African American slave, he soon learns that Lois's family owned the Griffin family. It takes a while to process these facts, but "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father ... Brother?" turns out to be an interesting episode.

Jim Kaplan is portrayed as the average salesperson and conman. He has a large insincere smile, and he laughs at every single joke anyone makes. He sells pretty much everything on the show, including used cars.

Rob Lowe plays Stanford Cordray in the episode where Brian accidentally sells Stewie's beloved teddy bear Rupert for only one dollar. Stewie finds Cordray by running a DNA test on the dollar bill — Stewie is very advanced for his age, despite still needing his teddy bear.

The Pawtucket Brewery has a lot of great characters, one of which is Opie, who has a wood chip sticking out of his head. He's mostly nonverbal. When he makes sounds, only Angela at the brewery knows what he is saying.

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