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Cunning as a fox, swift as a fox -- who hasn't heard these similes? Foxes are true to their reputations is acting both cunningly and swiftly when needed. They are found in many regions worldwide and are seen as both friend and foe. Take this quiz to learn more about the elusive fox.

Which of these are names for baby foxes?

Baby foxes are known by three different terms: cubs, kits and pups.


In what way is the fox sometimes a pest?

The fox, while it indeed hunts rodents and preys on lizards, is only considered a pest for its harm to poultry.


What is the maximum length of an adult fox?

Including the long, bushy tail, an adult fox can reach three feet (90 cms) in length.


How would you describe a fox's ears?

A fox's ears are usually erect and triangular-shaped.


Why are foxes' eyes more like cats' eyes than dogs' eyes?

Foxes' eyes are elliptically-shaped in strong light, like a cat's, as opposed to other members of the extended dog family, whose eyes are round.


Why were foxes introduced to Australian soil?

Foxes were introduced to Australia to regulate the growing overpopulation of rabbits.


What is the average lifespan of a fox?

Most foxes live up to 14 years.


When do foxes hunt for food?

Foxes usually hunt for food during the night and then sleep during the day.


Do only vixen (female foxes) take care of the young?

Both parents have the role of taking care of their offspring, not just the vixen.


What habitats are suited to the fox?

The fox is suited to a variety of climates and habitats, including Arctic, mountain, coastal and desert regions.


Do foxes hunt in a team?

Foxes hunt alone, unlike other wild predators that use team force to round up and encircle their prey.


What non-meat foods do foxes sometimes eat?

They sometimes eat fruit, in addition to meat (lizards, mice and the like).


How fast can foxes run?

They are quite swift and can run over 25 miles (40 kms) per hour. They do this over short distances, though, but can't maintain that pace for long.


What technique do foxes use to outwit their predators?

They swiftly outrun their predators, zigzag-style.


What color is the tip of the red fox's tail?

It is always white at the tip.


Which fox is usually hunted in North America and Europe?

The red or common fox is the one that is hunted mostly in North America and Europe.


Why do foxes have whiskers?

Foxes do have whiskers (both the fairy-tale variety and the real stuff) and they're for feeling their way in the dark.


Which fox has the largest litter size?

The Arctic fox wins paws-down on this one with sometimes up to 20 cubs in one litter.


Where do fennec foxes live?

Fennec foxes live in the desert regions of North Africa and Saudi Arabia.


What do bat-eared foxes use their ears for?

They use their bat-like ears to keep cool, allowing the heat from their bodies to pass through into the air.


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