Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Classic American Muscle Cars?
How Much Do You Know About Classic American Muscle Cars?
By: John Miller
Image: Dodge

About This Quiz

Take your sissy Prius and shove it! We don’t want your 88 horsepower rubber band engines – we want a 409 Big Block cranking out 500 horses, and we want it now. And let’s face it, even though you appreciate fancy digital car technology, part of you yearns for the more primitive and powerful era when classic American muscle cars prowled the streets like predators on the hunt.

Muscles cars from the '60s and '70s are still some of the most celebrated vehicles ever made. Even the car names read like asphalt poetry. Challenger. Charger. Barracuda. GTO. Chevelle. Firebird. Boss. Rebel Machine. Come on, in what other era would you ever get a legendary car name like “Super Cobra Jet”? But how much do you really know about these iconic coupes?

The muscle car era wasn’t concerned with safety ratings and MPG. Any young American with a shred of testosterone wanted a brawny machine that could burn rubber and blast through red lights with reckless abandon. But do you really know your GTO from your GTX? And can you remember the vital differences between base Mustang and the Boss?

Put on your seatbelt. Crank up the Stones, sidle up alongside at this red light, and we’ll wager your pink slip that you can’t ace our muscle car quiz. Or are you too scared to slam on the gas?

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