Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Classic American Muscle Cars?
How Much Do You Know About Classic American Muscle Cars?
By: John Miller
Image: American Cars via Youtube

About This Quiz

Before the days of fuel efficiency ratings and airbags, there were muscle cars; the brawny spawn of Detroit car makers. Let’s face it, even though you appreciate fancy digital car technology, part of you yearns for the more primitive and powerful era when classic American muscle cars prowled the streets like predators on the hunt.

Muscles cars from the 60s and 70s are still some of the most celebrated vehicles ever made. Even the car names read like asphalt poetry: Challenger, Charger, Barracuda, GTO, Chevelle, Firebird, Boss, Rebel Machine...come on! In what other era would you ever get a legendary car name like “Super Cobra Jet?" You might be interested in these cars, but how much do you really know about these iconic coupes?

The muscle car era wasn’t concerned with safety ratings and gas efficiency. Any young American with a shred of testosterone wanted a brawny machine that could burn rubber and blast through red lights with reckless abandon. But do you really know your GTO from your GTX? And can you remember the vital differences between a Mustang and the Boss?

Put on your seat belt, crank up the Rolling Stones, sidle up alongside us at this red light, and we’ll wager your pink slip that you can’t ace our muscle car quiz. If you're ready, pound the pedal to the metal and let's roll!

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Classic American muscle cars were built mostly for _____.
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What sort of muscle car was General Lee in "The Dukes of Hazzard?"
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The first muscle cars became popular in which decade?
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The Plymouth Barracuda is often simply known as what?
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The Chevy Camaro was introduced as a direct competitor to which car?
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The Oldsmobile 442 was officially called ____.
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The Shelby is a variant of which popular muscle car?
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Which manufacturer offered a famous muscle car called the GTO?
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Chevy produced muscle cars in an "SS" variant. What did the SS stand for?
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Which car maker produced the GTX?
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What was an obvious visual feature of the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird?
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True or false: All first generation Camaros were built in the United States.
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Which manufacturer introduced the Torino?
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Which muscle car has a "Boss" version?
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The Chevy II muscle car is better known as the _____.
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What was one of the defining features of the Chevy Nova SS?
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The third generation Chevrolet El Camino had how much horsepower?
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Which muscle car also comes in a "Cobra" variant?
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Which of the following muscle cars came first?
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Why did the 1964 Dodge 426 Hemi have no sound dampening features?
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The very first Camaro was offered in how many versions?
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What sort of engine did the 1967 Camaro Super Sport have?
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Which company produced the Super Bee?
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Why were some versions of the Super Bee called the "Super Bee Six Pack?"
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The Plymouth Barracuda was almost named what?
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Which muscle car was offered in a special version called, "The Judge?"
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The 1970 Chevelle SS 454 base model produced how much horsepower?
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Which car maker produced the Demon?
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