Quiz: What % Good vs. Bad Are You?
What % Good vs. Bad Are You?
By: Emily Maggrett
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About This Quiz

Unless you're a literal angel or demon, your character probably combines elements of both good and bad. For instance, you might be the kind of person who gives generously to charities that help preserve the rainforest while also being the kind of driver who chronically tailgates others. Or maybe you're a mob criminal who used some of your ill-gotten funds to put your kid brother through college. 

Whether it's good or evil that dominates your character, one thing's for certain: you're not purely one or the other. Wicked people have their good days, and nice people have moments when they're capable of almost anything. If you want to find out the exact percentage of good and bad in your soul, this is the quiz for you!

We're going to ask you all kinds of personal questions, from what you'd do if you had a billion dollars to whether you'd lie about your age in order to get a job. If you tell us the truth about how you'd react in the face of various moral dilemmas, we'll be able to calculate how dark or light your spirit truly is. Are you ready to discover who you really are? Then it's time to take this quiz!

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If your best friend told you a very juicy secret about herself, would you be able to resist telling it to all of your mutual friends?

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When you're not sure what to talk about with other people, do you start making fun of someone else who's not there?

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In your opinion, is pirating movies, books, music and other media okay if you can't afford to buy it?

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Have you ever dated someone just to make your crush feel jealous?

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Thanks to global warming, a natural disaster has destroyed most of your neighbors' homes. Even though your house is fine, do you help your neighbors to rebuild?

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Have you ever used fake statistics to manipulate other people into agreeing with you?

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Imagine your sister's partner is the most attractive person you've ever seen in your life ... and they're secretly in love with you. Would you make it happen with them?

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If you found out your partner was unfaithful, what would you do?

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Some dear friends invite you over to meet their new-born baby. The baby's not very cute and they've named them Truckston. Do you praise the baby anyway?

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Did you take the last piece of cake???

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When good things happen to you, do you downplay them, claiming that it's just a matter of time before things go wrong again?

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If your partner asked you to give up your job and move to another country, what would you say?

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