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It is one of the most storied and successful college football programs ever. Test your Alabama Crimson Tide knowledge by taking this quiz.

How many national championships has the Alabama Crimson Tide football team won?

With 16 national titles, Alabama has won more championships than any other major college football team. One coach -- Bear Bryant -- won six titles during his career.


At how many other colleges did Bear Bryant coach before taking the Alabama job … and then becoming a legend?

Bryant was coach at Maryland, Kentucky and Texas A&M before heading to Alabama. He coached the Crimson Tide for 25 years.


What year was current head coach Nick Saban hired?

Saban was hired in 2007 with very high expectations -- expectations he has already exceeded many times over.


What is the mascot for the Crimson Tide?

Big Al is the name for the costumed elephant that roams the sidelines on game day. Coach Bear Bryant never liked the elephant being his team's mascot.


When did Alabama play its first season of organized football?

The team first took the field in 1892. That year, Alabama went 2-2.


How many games did Alabama win during Nick Saban's first year as head coach?

Saban's first year was rocky -- he won seven games and lost six. Things got better right away -- from 2008 to 2015, his team lost only 12 games.


Which school is Alabama's primary football rival?

Auburn University is Alabama's in-state rival. The game has its own nickname -- "The Iron Bowl."


Which team won the very first Iron Bowl?

Alabama couldn't keep up in the first Iron Bowl, held in 1893. Auburn won, 32-22.


As of 2016, what is the seating capacity of Alabama's football stadium?

More than 101,000 people stuff themselves into Bryant-Denny Stadium on game day. It is one of the biggest stadiums in college sports.


In comparison to other stadiums in the Southeastern Conference, how does Bryant-Denny stadium stack up in terms of size?

SEC fans are crazy about football, and they make huge stadiums for their teams. Alabama's stadium is only fourth-largest in the conference.


Which Alabama coach was the first to win a national title?

Wade Wallace was the first coach to win a national title. He won three national titles in only five years.


In what year did Alabama claim its first national title?

The Crimson Tide took home their first title in 1925 … followed by a second the very next year. Wade Wallace was the coach of those teams.


How many national titles did coach Gene Stallings win as head coach?

Stallings put together a perfect 13-0 season in 1992. Alabama beat Miami in the Sugar Bowl to win the title.


Which of the following Bear Bryant teams did NOT go undefeated?

Bryant coached two perfect seasons, in 1979 and 1961 -- his 1964 team, however, lost a game (but still won the title).


As of 2016, how many times has the team started 10-0?

The team has started 10-0 19 times in its history, and it has gone undefeated in 10 seasons.


Which team did Alabama tie in the 1927 Rose Bowl, thereby winning the national championship?

Alabama tied Stanford 7-7. It was the last time the Rose Bowl ended in a tie.


In what year did running back Derrick Henry win the Heisman Trophy?

Henry won the Heisman in 2015, a season in which he scored a nearly unbelievable 31 touchdowns. He ran for 2,219 yards.


How many touchdowns did running back Derrick Henry score in the 2015 national title game?

Henry ran wild against Clemson, with 158 yards rushing and three touchdowns.


At which bowl game did Bear Bryant win more of his national titles than any other?

The Sugar Bowl was sweet to Bryant's teams. He won three titles at this bowl game. He also lost the 1973 Sugar Bowl but still won the national championship.


How many perfect seasons (no losses, no ties) has the team accomplished?

Nine times, the Crimson Tide simply ran the tables, winning every game on their calendar.


In Bryant-Denny Stadium, what's the name of the visiting team's locker room?

"The Fail Room" is actually named after a donor and alumnus named James Fail, who thought it was a great way to put his name to use.


As of 2016, Alabama has won how many conference championships?

Alabama has 29 conference championships under its belt, and with the way Nick Saban's teams perform, they'll likely have more very soon.


Which team did Alabama play in the so-called 2007 "Saban Bowl"?

Because Alabama coach Nick Saban had once coached at LSU, TV announcers took to calling the LSU-Alabama game the "Saban Bowl." LSU won.


When was the first year an Alabama player was awarded the Heisman Trophy?

In spite of decades of consistent winning, somehow Alabama players were always overlooked for the Heisman. Running back Mark Ingram finally won the award in 2009.


How many games did quarterback A.J. McCarron win during his Alabama career?

McCarron won more games (36) than any other Alabama QB. He also won two national championships.


The 1965 Alabama team won the national title in part because two higher ranked teams lost their bowl games. Which teams were they?

Both Arkansas and Michigan St. lost, leaving the door wide open for the winner of the Alabama-Nebraska Orange Bowl to claim the title. Alabama won, 39-28.


When was the first year that Alabama played Missouri?

The teams first met in 1968 and as of 2016 have played five times, with Alabama winning three.


How many head coaches has the football team had?

There have been 28 head coaches. Twelves of those coaches have led the team to postseason bowl games.


Which team won the very first game between Alabama and Tennessee?

Neither team could get the upper hand in 1901 -- the game was a 6-6 tie.


Before the team's national title in 2009, when was the last time that Alabama had won the national championship?

It had been 17 years, or 1992, since the Crimson Tide won the national title. The Saban-led Tide won again in 2011, 2012 and 2015.


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