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Do you remember the way it felt when you got your first car? The moment you realized that the world was your oyster and a million possibilities were only a tank of gas away? From that moment on a multitude of memories were made — from late-night food runs to solitary car-dancing parties with all your guilty pleasure songs blasting out the windows, life was never the same again. With so many memories and so much freedom attached to our cars, it’s no wonder that we treat them as we would our children, and these children deserve the right kind of care. However, with the average car containing over 30,000 unique parts, it can be difficult to know which tools will keep your baby running smooth. Whether it was a simple tire change or a more extensive fix, almost everyone has touched some of these auto tools at least once in their life.

You may think you’re an expert in auto shop, but when push comes to shove, how many auto shop tools do you really think you could name?

From wrenches to ratchets and air compressors, this quiz has got them all. Did you know there are over two dozen different kinds of wrenches out there? Don’t fret though — we won’t quiz you on all of them. You might stumble over a few sockets, and if you’re not familiar with your everyday hammer we suggest you make a quick google search.

The more you know about the tools you use to fix cars, the easier it is to repair them, soup-up that engine so it’s roaring like a lion, or simply get an older car back into working condition. Whether you own and run your own car shop, make minor repairs and upgrades on your pride and joy, or simply take an interest in cars in general, understanding the individual parts of a car and the tools it takes to fix them is essential. Most people don’t know all these auto shop tools, the real question is — do you? Sure, you don’t need to be a gearhead to pass this quiz, but it might require you to have changed a tire at least once in your life.

With over one billion cars in use around the world today they give us the independence to do whatever we wish, go wherever our heart desires. But that gorgeous hunk of metal might just let you down if you’re unable to help them when the going gets tough. So, what are you afraid of? Rub some motor oil on those hands and get to work! These auto parts aren’t going to name themselves! Most people can’t get all of these questions right, but we dare you to prove us wrong!

Good for working on any nuts and bolts of an automobile, the wrench set is a must-have for any mechanic. Wrenches typically come in both metric and standard sizes, to accommodate a multitude of vehicles.

Proper tire pressure is a must for road safety. A tire inflator is the best tool to make sure you have solid PSI for the road ahead. If you see a saggy tire, make sure to grab a tire inflator!

Need to remove a lug nut on your wheel? Have a rusty bolt that won’t break free? The impact wrench is the tool for you! Using this tool makes breaking loose nuts and bolts a breeze.

A ratchet is a tool used by every mechanic out there. Use a socket in conjunction with the ratchet head and take off any nut or bolt. A ratcheting head clicks and locks position to allow the user to keep turning bolts without taking the tool off the car, making the job more efficient.

An air compressor can be used for many shop tasks. Whether you are using the compressor to power your pneumatic tools or simply inflating your car tire pressure, the compressor is vital to shop life. A compressor essentially uses electricity to take air and pressurize it in a metal cylinder, harnessing its energy.

Did you know one of the most common reasons for a flat tire is improper tire pressure? A tire pressure gauge is a good remedy for this situation. By taking an accurate measurement, the gauge can help you get your tires to the proper PSI.

Use a set of sockets to remove nuts and bolts that hold the car together. Accompanied with the proper ratchet, the sockets are used every day by the mechanic. Sockets come in a variety of sizes.

Never leave home without your jump starter! With a battery pack to power the unit, a jump starter can keep you from getting stranded. Be careful not to strain your back when picking it up - these babies can be a little heavy!

Every car mechanic uses screwdrivers. Whether it is a flathead or a Phillips, the proper screwdriver helps to get the job done right. Made in multiple sizes and lengths, screwdrivers are a must-have in the shop.

Need to do some electrical work? A wire terminal crimper is the tool you need to make clean, proper electrical connections. Made in a multitude of gauges, the terminal crimper allows the user to crimp an electrical line and make solid electrical connections.

Used to grab items with a force greater than your hands can apply, pliers are made in many varieties. Whether you are using needle-nose, vise-grip, or channel-lock pliers, these handheld tools make sure you have the right grip.

A wire terminal set can help the auto mechanic take a braided, copper wire and make the connection point at the end. The terminal can be shaped in a ring, spade, locking spade, or a tube bullet.

Not sure what that new burning smell is when you drive? A laser thermometer can help identify the troubled area by measuring the temperature of a given engine component. Every auto shop has one to help in diagnosing the internal problems a car may have.

The hammer is a time-tested tool, allowing the user to whack things to break them loose or put them back into place. With many different varieties (ball-peen, dead-blow), the hammer is great when brute force is the best option.

Torx is a newer edition to the head of a bolt or screw. Featuring a star shaped head, the Torx wrench set is handy to have around. Some vehicles, like Saab, have many Torx head bolts that require a Torx wrench to work on them.

A machinist vise is a great tool for firmly gripping material or parts when modifying or fixing things. The metal jaws are expandable to fit different sizes of material.

A multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, as well as capacitance. This is a must have tool for any auto mechanic trying to diagnose an alternator or battery issue.

A cordless drill is a great way to make holes in material. Usually powered by a lithium ion battery, the drill can fit into tight places and improves efficiency over the traditional hand drill or screwdriver.

Ever strip out an old rusty bolt and wonder what to do next? The rethreading set is the tool for you! Composed of hardened steel, the rethreading set is able to make new threads from the existing, damaged material. A must-have tool for the serious mechanic.

Every auto mechanic has a jack. Generally hydraulic powered, the jack is used for getting a car off of the ground so someone can service it from underneath. Jacks come in many different load capacities, so make sure you have the right one for your application!

Ever drop a bolt that was just out of reach? Then the magnetic pickup tool is for you. With an extension bar, the tool can help pick up small magnetic objects in tight spaces. The magnetic head is great for grabbing nuts and bolts that your fingers can’t reach.

A heat gun is great for fitting metal tubing together or stripping off undesired decals. Powered by electricity, the heat gun can be used by auto mechanics anywhere.

To get under a car or truck safely, a jack stand is a great tool. Cinder blocks are not going to provide you with the structural support of a jack stand. Stands are made of steel and can adjust to different heights to accommodate a multitude of vehicles.

The pry bar comes in many different sizes. Large pry bars are great for trucks or semis, while small pry bars can be useful in smaller cars or hard-to-reach places. Use this tool to pry things apart or for rough body work.

Ever wonder what is the exact size bolt you need? A digital caliper can take the finest of measurements, so that finding the right parts is a lot easier. A digital caliper has a battery-powered screen that aids the user in determining the right measurement.

If you are looking to do a quick oil change, ramps are a great tool to get under the vehicle in a hassle-free manner. Just drive up - carefully - and drain that oil!

Hose clamp pliers are great for fixing cooling, heating, fuel or screen-washer lines. The pliers have a special tip that allows the user to grip, cut or mend different fluid lines on a car or truck.

Ever have trouble removing that old oil filter? An oil filter wrench is a great way to break it loose, to make way for the new one. This tool has a long handle and a metal ring that tightens when pressure is applied.

Tired of getting covered in grease and grime? A leather apron is a great way to protect those clothes from all the mess of an auto shop. Some even come with pockets to store tools while you are on the job.

Why is it called a breaker bar? It's used to break up tight fasteners, and it has a long bar for a handle.

This saw is hand-held for convenience and adaptability, but be careful when using it! The cost for one of these tools is typically $100-$300.

Not all funnels are created equal! They come in different types, including the following: flexible, multi-purpose, plastic and quick fill.

Scissors come in handy in many places and situations, so it makes sense they'd be used in an auto shop. For auto work, make sure to have a pair of heavy duty, strong scissors.

True to its name, this tool is a long bar that is used to wreck things. Perfect for home improvement projects, fixer-uppers and letting out stress!

Disc grinder and side grinder are other names for the angle grinder. What does this tool do? It grinds, polishes and can even cut materials!

What's a torque wrench for? Pull this wrench out when you want to prevent over-tightening, which will be often if you stand with the stats. Most handymen and women over-tighten while doing home projects and auto work.

Safety glasses are highly recommended in the auto repair industry; they protect your eyes from dust, fluids and other debris. Who doesn't want to protect their eyesight?

Every firing piston needs a spark plug to make it fire. Changing your spark plugs on a routine basis will ensure your car or truck runs top-notch for years to come.

What's different about electrical tape, compared with other types of tape? It insulates and withstands abrasions with its tough vinyl outer layer.

These heavy-duty gloves are a good idea to wear during auto repairs. What's so special about them? They are made of nylon, which keeps the hands dry and cool, and have a protecting layer of latex on the outside.

Did you know that Allen wrench and hex key are just other names for a hex wrench? Sets include keys, or wrenches, in sizes usually ranging from 1.5 to 10 millimeters.

A headlamp is a great tool, sometimes a necessity, in more situations than fixing cars. Many come with an adjustable strap and different light settings - even infrared light!

Ever feel like it is a little dark when looking inside the engine bay? With an under hood light bar, that darkness can’t hold you back anymore! Made with high power LED lights, the light bar makes those tough to reach places a little easier by showing you the proper path.

A nifty feature of this tool, the part that really saves your back, is the... set of wheels! The beauty of the rolling tool chest is that it stores what you need and can be by your side quickly and with ease when you need it.

It's a good idea to keep a few extra of these in your car, since it's not uncommon for them to blow. Don't worry though, a blown fuse in a car will sometimes just cause a minor issue.

If you're going to weld, remember to wear a safety mask and gloves. As exciting as this art looks, it takes much skill and can be dangerous.

Every mechanic has an oil drip pan. Coming in many different sizes, the oil drip pan catches the used oil to make sure the shop stays clean. With its convenient pour spout, the drip pan allows the user to dispose of the used fluids with ease.

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