Cast Some Spells and We'll Give You a Witch Name

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

If your life is full of hocus-pocus and mysterious chants, then this witchcraft quiz is right up your dark alley. Though witches are portrayed in many types of movies, TV shows and books, there are many people who practice various types of spells in our day and age. Some of these spells involve herbs to make potions, while others are supposedly able to make different objects move. Ultra-powerful witches can even make predictions about the future, because being a witch is all about how well you can control your mind.

So if you want to become a witch, we have some tips for you (and don't worry, you won't need the broomstick or the pointy hat). First, you'll have to pick which type of witch you want to become. Some witches focus on nature, while others rely on ancient traditions and practices. Next, you'll need a book to keep track of all your magical spells. This is known as a grimoire, and it's full of directions, symbols and drawings of classic witch spells. After acquiring what you need to make a certain spell work, you'll have to practice it until you get it right. But with some patience and hard work, we're certain that you'll become a great witch soon enough! But for now, take our mysterious personality quiz to find out your witch name!

What type of potion would you like to make?

Quick! An enemy is approaching! What animal are you going to turn them into?

What type of spell would you like to learn the most?

Would you like to cast any black magic spells?

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

What type of witch path would you like to embark on?

Which of these witchcraft movies would you like to watch?

Would you be able to memorize spells efficiently?

What type of weather phenomenon would you want to create in the sky?

If you could control time, would you want to go to the past or the future?

Would you be comfortable with contacting spirits?

Does your inner soul resonate with the sun or the moon more?

What types of witchcraft supplies do you need?

Which of these crystals will enhance your witchcraft spells?

Your witchcraft spells are primarily based around ...

Do you know how to draw a pentagram?

Which of these psychic powers interests you the most?

Are you more interested in inner or outer magic?

Pick a random witchcraft spell to learn more about!

Are you able to focus for extended periods of time?

Where does your inner magic actually come from?

Are you more physically or mentally strong?

Would you rather manipulate dreams or nightmares?

Your ideal magical spell would grant you ...

How would you describe your witch personality?

Would you describe yourself as an emotionally intelligent person?

Do you know all of the different moon phases?

Is there some evil lurking in your inner soul?

Would you ever make a book of shadows?

Do you personally believe in the power of chakras?

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