How well do you remember Home Alone 2, ya filthy animal?

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How well do you remember Home Alone 2, ya filthy animal?
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"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" is the 1992 sequel to the Christmas comedy "Home Alone". Although not quite as successful as the first one, this movie was also a huge success and so sealed Macaulay Culkin's place in Hollywood fame. Take our quiz to see if you know as much as you think you do about "Home Alone 2!"
What event occurred that caused Kevin to wind up in New York, rather than Florida with his family?
He overslept
His parents grounded him
He got on the wrong plane
He took a wrong turn at Albuquerque
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Maybe he did it on purpose because eww, who wants to go to Florida for Christmas, no snow? But whatever the reason, maybe he just needed a separate vacation from his family, especially his brother Buzz. But the answer is Kevin ended up in New York City because he made a mistake and got on the wrong plane.

Why did Kevin not want to go to Florida for Christmas vacation?
Because there was no reindeer
Because there are no Christmas trees in Florida
Because it’s too warm for hot chocolate
He’s afraid of hurricanes
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Kevin didn’t really want to go to Florida for Christmas vacation because he had the misguided misconception that there are no Christmas trees in Florida. But that isn’t the reason he winds up in New York. That was just a mistake caused by him not paying attention.

How old was Macaulay Culkin when he was in "Home Alone 2" portraying 10-year-old Kevin McCallister?
He was 9
He was 12
He was 18
He was 7
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Macaulay Culkin was born in 1980. This makes him actually 12 years old when he is portraying the 10-year-old lead in the movie, Kevin McCallister. This is no surprise as many movie characters are played by actors that are older, often much older, than the character they portray in the movie.


What was so special about the snow used in this "Home Alone" compared to the others in the movie series?
Yellow snowcones were made
Snow was made from real sugar
Real snow was used
Snow was imported from Paris
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Out of all of the four movies, this was the only "Home Alone" to feature real snow. They started out using a snow machine, but then a winter blizzard hit and viola! They had real snow on set, actually too much as it engulfed the set. This movie also had cameras that quit working because of the extreme cold.

What real store was the toy store based on?
FAO Schwarz
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The store itself was named after the executive producer, but it was a version of the real-life store that was in New York City -- FAO Schwarz. The Rookery Building in Chicago was the exterior of the store you see in the film.

What scenes were removed from the movie after 2001?
Scenes of Kevin visiting Boston Marathon
Scenes of Kevin visiting Fort Hood
Scenes of Kevin visiting the World Trade Center
Scenes of Kevin visiting Sea World
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There was a scene where Kevin visits many of New York City’s landmarks, including Kevin visiting the World Trade Center. This scene was removed from TV broadcasts after 2001 out of respect for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks and their families.


Which president makes an appearance in "Home Alone 2?"
Donald J. Trump
George Washington
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
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We see Donald J. Trump in the Plaza lobby and Kevin asks him for directions. Now-President Trump owned the Plaza at the time of the making of the film. Ally Sheedy and Frank Oz also had cameos.

What flew into Marv’s mouth, later described as “…revolting…”?
A pigeon
A tarantula
A spray of basement water
A handful of change
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In the pigeon attack scene from the pigeon lady at the park, a real pigeon flew into actor Daniel Stern’s mouth. He later reported, "that was revolting."

In the first film Kevin watches a movie --%0D"Angels with Filthy Souls" -- and records pieces from it. What is the name of the movie he uses in "Home Alone 2?"
"Angels with Even Filthier Soles"
"Angels with Even Filthier Seals"
"Angels with Even Filthier Souls"
"Angels with Even Filthier Stoles"
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The sequel to "Angels with Filthy Souls” was aptly named "Angels with Even Filthier Souls." Kevin used the movie to scare off the snooping bellboy, the concierge and desk manager when they came to inquire about the credit cards and missing parental guidance.


When Kevin arrives in New York, how is it that he manages to stay in such a nice hotel?
His "Home Alone" money
The producers paid for it
His father’s credit card
He saved his allowance
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It would seem that Kevin, a little boy of about 9 or 10 years old, has his father’s credit card, a wad of cash and batteries for TalkBoy. He uses it to pay for the hotel room but later the card is reported stolen and so the hotel manager wants to question him but Kevin runs away.

Known as the Wet Bandits for leaving faucets running in the first movie, what did the bad guys call themselves in the sequel?
Stanky bandits
Sticky bandits
Wetter bandits
Dry bandits
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The genius bad guys called themselves the Sticky Bandits in "Home Alone 2." They came up with this name because earlier in the movie the character Marv Merchants, played by Daniel Stern, had his hand covered in duct tape and jammed his hand into a Salvation Army donation pot in order to steal change.

What was the character's name of the shorter bad guy, played by Joe Pesci?
Hairy Lime
Harry Lime
Harry Mime
Harry Lame
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Although he was a pretty lame guy he wasn’t very hairy, especially after his hair was burned off in the first movie. The character's name was Harry Lime, a fitting name for such a sour personality of the second Sticky Bandit played by Joe Pesci, opposite Daniel Stern.


Kevin’s brother gets a slip of paper from Cedric and shows it to Kevin’s father. What was it?
A room service bill for $967
The bill for the room
A letter of thanks
A Christmas card
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Cedric hands Kevin’s brother Buzz a bill for the room service that Kevin ordered while he was staying in the hotel alone. Astounded by the amount, Kevin’s father shouts at Kevin and he runs off.

What was the main character's name in the movie, played by child actor Macaulay Culkin?
Kevin McCallister
Kevin Culkin
MacCaulay McCallister
Kieran Culkin
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Macaulay Culkin was the child actor who portrayed the lead role of Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2." He did not return for the next two sequels, possibly because he wasn’t a little boy anymore by then and so the role was reprised by another actor. Kieran Culkin was his bother who played the bed-wetting "Fuller."

What one event again occurs that causes Kevin to wind up in New York?
Kevin oversleeps
The family oversleeps
A storm
Kevin has made everyone upset
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The main event that occurs that causes Kevin to wind up in New York is that his father, Peter McCallister (played by John Heard) accidentally resets the alarm clock and causes the family to oversleep. In the ensuing confusion Kevin gets on the wrong plane without his family noticing until it is too late.


What does Kevin do to entertain himself on Christmas Eve?
Watches television
Has a big dinner
Goes to a movie
Tours the city in a limo
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Kevin tours New York in a rented limousine and winds up going to a big toy store and admires all of the toys. He meets the store owner who explains to him that all of the sales profits are to go to a children’s charity. The toy store owner then gives Kevin a gift.

Who did Kevin meet in Central Park that gave him a scare, but later in the movie he has a touching scene with?
A police officer
A homeless lady feeding pigeons
A little girl his age
A homeless guy with a dog
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When Kevin went to Central Park just to visit it and walk around, he encounters an old homeless woman who is caring for the pigeons. At first Kevin is frightened by her but later in the movie he goes back to see her where they have a touching moment together and he gives her something.

What is the gift that the toy store owner gives to Kevin when he visits the toy store on Christmas Eve?
A football
A red truck
Turtledove figurines
A baseball
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The toy store owner presents Kevin with a pair of ceramic turtledoves off a tree and tells him that he is supposed to give one of them to someone and that by doing that it is a sign of eternal friendship. Kevin accepts the gift and later in the movie he does give one of the doves to someone.


Kevin overhears the Sticky Bandits discussing their next caper. What were they planning to do?
Rob a bank
Break into a house
Break into the toy store
Steal the Salvation Army money pot
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After Kevin gets the gift of turtledoves from the store owner, he encounters the Sticky Bandits, Marv and Harry, and they chase him. They capture Kevin, and while he is with them he overhears their plot to break into the toy store to steal the charity money.

What is it that Kevin gives to the pigeon lady that he met in Central Park?
The hotel room key
One of the turtledoves
A Christmas card
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Before Kevin returns home with his family he goes back to find the homeless pigeon lady, and he presents her with one of the turtledoves that was given to him by the toy store owner. He tells her that they will always be friends.

What does Kevin do at the toy shop in order to prevent the Sticky Bandits from succeeding in their plans?
Calls the store owner
Throws a brick though the window with a note
Calls the police
Tells the pigeon lady
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When Kevin learns of the Sticky Bandits' plot to break into the toy store to steal the charity money, he goes back to the store and throws a brick through the window in order to set off the alarm while the bandits are inside. He has a note tied to the brick explaining to the store owner about the plan to rob the store and apologizes for the window.


When the Sticky Bandits chase Kevin to the park what does he do to alert the police?
He throws a brick
He sets off fireworks
He fires his BB gun
They see birds
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When it looks like the Sticky Bandits (previously Wet Bandits) finally have Kevin in their grasp, he sets off fireworks, catching the police’s attention for a quick escape.

What is thrown on Marv and Harry to make pigeons attack them in the park?
Bread crumbs
Loose change
Peppermint candy
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Marv and Harry were pelted with birdseed by the pigeon lady and the pigeons attacked. The actors reported that the crew covered them in birdseed and let about 300 real pigeons loose to attack them. This was in the days before CGI, and the sound was horrifying. The pigeons had a special “pigeon handler” and had been trained for 12 weeks to prepare.

Which fictitious game show hosted by Bob Eubanks does Kevin watch?
"Ding Dong Dang"
"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"
"Ding Dang Dong"
"Ring a Ding Dong"
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Hosted by Bob Eubanks from the "Newlywed Game," the "Ding Dang Dong" show is being watched in the first scene by Kevin.


What slippery green substance does Kevin buy at the toy shop?
Monster Soap
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Monster Soap is the green, slimy substance that Kevin purchases at Duncan’s Toy Chest. He must have been running low as it is the slippery stuff used on the ladder that makes Harry slip and what Marv slips on in the basement.

What was a treat for the child actors who were extras in the toy store?
They all got turtledoves
They all got to meet Kevin
They all got Talkboys
They all got to choose a toy from the store to keep
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As part of their salary, the child actors who played the children in the toy store each got to choose their favorite toy and take it home as a gift. Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) chose the Talkboy, although it was a nonworking prop.

What windy big city does the McCallister family hail from?
Seattle, Washington
Houston, Texas
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chicago, Illinois
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While I’m not really sure how windy Seattle and Houston are, I would wager that Tulsa gets its fair share of wind simply because it is in the heart of tornado alley. But the McCallister family in the movie hails from Chicago, Illinois, the home city and state of our last president, Barack Obama.


What was not a thing that Marv stole in the movie?
Change from the bell-ringer's kettle
A cowboy hat
A pair of mittens
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Throughout the movie Marv stole seven things in broad daylight, they are: mittens, one scarf, one cowboy hat, one wrapped present, one pair of earmuffs, a beanie hat and a handful of change from the bell-ringer's kettle collecting for the poor.

Although never mentioned in the movie, the name of the shrewd and meticulous concierge at the Plaza Hotel is Mr. Hector, played by which actor?
Tim Curry
Tim Robbins
Mick Jagger
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Don’t shiver with “anti-cip-paaation” we will tell you! Mr. Hector, the buttoned-up and proper concierge, is played by Tim Curry, who is a far cry from the heel-stomping sweet transvestite from Transylvania we all know and love -- scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

What confection was not ordered on Kevin’s room service bill?
Two chocolate cakes
Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with M&Ms
36 chocolate-covered strawberries
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From the script, the room service bill of Kevin’s indicates, “He ordered two chocolate cakes, six chocolate mousses with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with M&Ms, chocolate sprinkles, cherries, nuts, marshmallows, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and bananas, six custard flans, a pastry cart, eight strawberry tarts and 36 chocolate-covered strawberries.” The McFlurry is a McDonald’s frozen treat.


After Kevin thwarts the Sticky Bandits attempt to rob the toy store, what is his plan called that consists of booby-traps and hidden holes?
Operation HO HOLE HOLE
Operation HO HO HO
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Kevin overhears and foils the Sticky Bandits attempt to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest on Christmas Eve. He has prepared an apartment full of his infamous booby-traps and hidden holes. He entitles it “Operation HO HO HO.”

What was the name of the director of "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2?"
John Hughes
Chris Columbus
Kevin Magellan
Joe Pesci
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Not to be confused with the Christopher Columbus who landed on the North American continent in 1492, Chris Columbus was the director of both "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2." He did not return for the following sequels however, leaving that fun up to someone else.

How does Kevin’s family find out where he is after they realize he did not make it to Florida with them?
Facebook posts
He was on the news
By the credit card activity
The security cameras showed him get on the New York plane
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The family tracks the credit card transactions and discovers that it has been used in New York City, so they go there and look for Kevin. His mother, Kate, remembers his fondness for Christmas trees and so she goes to Rockefeller Center, where there is a giant Christmas tree, and finds him there.


What happens on Christmas day at the McCallister's hotel room?
The bandits come back
They have a family Christmas dinner
They order room service
A truck load of toys arrives
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The owner of the toy store, Duncan's Toy Chest, has a truckload of toys delivered to the family’s hotel room to show his gratitude to Kevin in thwarting the Sticky Bandit's plan to rob the charity money from the toy store on Christmas Eve.

The artist John Perry, who created the turtledoves, is known in real life for depicting what type of art?
Sea Life
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The turtledoves were created by John Perry, who was known for his depictions of the rich sea life of the world, focusing on endangered species and environmentally conscious materials in his sculptures.

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