Quiz: The Flower Identification Quiz
The Flower Identification Quiz
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Visoot Uthairam/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Flowers are one of the things that we humans cannot explain. Meaning, they were here long before us and some of them will be, here long after we're gone. While humans have stepped up and created a few of their own, there's nothing manmade about the way these plants makes us feel. From conveying love with the popular rose to happiness with a gigantic sunflower, these plants are one of the best gifts we have on this planet. But how well do you know them? Are you well-versed enough to tell us their names if we showed you pictures?

Sure, it's easy to name a rose, carnation, and lily, but what about the more difficult flowers like the aster, the winter jasmine, and the protea. Some unappetizingly-named flowers like the spiderwort, witch hazel, and monkshood may not even be on your radar. But they are in this quiz. It's up to you to use our questions, hints, and your knowledge of these brightly-colored plants to try to ace this quiz.

Could you really name all the flowers in this quiz correctly? Let's find out! 

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Maybe the most tattooed flowers in the Japanese style, what's the name of this flower?
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A flower that has a cold substance in its name, what does this one look like?
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Also known as the clove pink, what's the better known name of this particular flower?
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Its root is used as a spice. What do you think this one is called
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Scientifically known as Tradescantia, what's the common name of this beauty?
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Named after a winged creature, what's this tropical flower called?
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A very festive flower, what name does this one go by?
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Also called the African daisy, what does one call this popular bouquet flower?
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This flower's name is often preceded by the word "black." What is it called?
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Often lemon-scented, what is this flower known as?
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Both a flower and a color, what do you think this one is called?
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It has a seemingly religious name. Which one do you think it is?
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The dried version is what you usually see in bouquets. But what is the live version called?
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Resembling the face of a particular creature, can you match this flower to its name?
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A type of lily, what is this flower called?
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Their shapes are in their names, but which name is that?
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The flower most used to show love, what is this classic called?
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Also a popular woman's name, what do you think this one is called?
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Known for its bright color and huge size, what is this favorite called?
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Also a bright pink, can you correctly match this flower to its name?
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Although it has a metallic color in its name, this flower comes in many different shades. What is it?
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Also called the sugar bush, what flower do you think this is?
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Its name makes it sound hard and heavy. What is it called?
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Seemingly related to the classic rose, what do you think this flower is?
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Scientifically known as Lillium, which favorite is this?
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Known for its amazing scent, can you tell us what this particular flower is known as?
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A flower that loves the cold. If you look at its name, what is this one called?
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A popular summer flower, what name do you think belongs to this flower?
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Don't be fooled by its good looks because this flower can be poisonous. What is it called?
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Of the lily family, what name does this one go by?
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Also called the Cornus Florida, what's the more common name of this flower?
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Said to be used in magical spells, what other name is wolfsbane known as?
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A member of the mint family, what is this cone-like flower called?
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A very popular garden flower, what is this plant, which is also called jonquil, known as?
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It has the kind of name that makes you think of magic, but what is it called?
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Also called starworts, what's the more popular name of this flower?
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If you think of a cold season and a specific Disney princess, you'll get the name of this flower. Which one is it?
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A great choice for landscaping, what's the name of this flower?
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When translated, it means "rose tree." What is its actual name?
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The state flower of Alabama, what do you think this is?
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