Can We Guess If You Were a Nick or Disney Kid?

Lauren Lubas

Image: Nickelodeon

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There's nothing like coming home from school, abandoning your shoes and backpack and hopping on the couch to watch your favorite after school show. You might even have time to grab a snack while the commercials are running. Let's face it; everyone needs to relax and unwind. School is just as stressful and draining as a full-time job, and we're all ready to chill after a long day, that's for sure. While after school programming has evolved quite a bit over the last few decades, we are still given what we need to unwind: snot, slapstick comedy and hilarious moments with our favorite characters (who are a little "off" in many ways).

Everyone has their very own chill routine after a long day, and a large part of that routine probably includes finding the perfect show that helps you to relax. No matter what you watch, your loyalties most likely lie with one channel or the other (whether you know it or not). We bet we can figure out which station that is. Are you a Disney kid who loves family comedies and incredibly developed animated characters? Or are you a Nickelodeon kid who's into wildly creative animation and over the top humor? Answer these questions, and we'll tell you exactly where you belong.

What was your favorite game show while you were growing up?

Which iconic animated animal was your fave?

What did you do when your favorite show was taken off the air?

This is a tough one, but would you rather figure things out with Tommy Pickles or go on adventures with Eliza Thornberry?

Which villain would you rather watch get destroyed?

Can you name the weirdest show you've ever seen?

With which character do you most closely identify?

Animation can take us anywhere without cheesy graphics. In your opinion, which show has the oddest animation?

Super heroes are all the rage. Which one are you watching?

When you watch TV, what are you really looking for?

Some shows are canceled before their time. Which show do you miss the most?

Would you rather hang out with Ned or Derek?

In your opinion, which show ran for way too long?

Family shows rule the after school lineup. Which is your favorite?

Are you into animation that has a realistic feel to it?

Sporty shows were awesome back in the day. Which one was your favorite?

Would you take a cartoon over a live-action show?

Should the main character learn a lesson at the end of every episode?

"SpongeBob SquarePants:" Love it or leave it?

"Recess" was one of the most popular cartoons in recent history. What are your thoughts on it?

It could be hard to choose a favorite, but which show had the best animation, in your opinion?

There were some terrifying shows when we were kids. Which one was your favorite?

Pretend you're writing your own show. What happens in the first episode?

Which of these movies did you HAVE to see when it came out in theaters?

Which lesson did your favorite character always have to learn?

Would you rather chill with Norbert Beaver or rage on with Daggett Beaver?

Was "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" the best animated show ever, or what?

Who would you rather hang out with?

Do you know who The Powerpuff Girls are?

Would you rather have burgers with Zack or tacos with Cody?

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