Can You Score 27/35 on This Difficult Animal Quiz?

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Can You Score 27/35 on This Difficult Animal Quiz?
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About This Quiz

The animal kingdom is a huge empire of creatures that are very different from each other. As humans, we also belong there, and we even identify ourselves as the "top of the food chain." But even though we like to think we're on top, we can also take a closer look at the other species in our vast kingdom and see just how special, unique and weird they are as well - just like humans!

Imagine how some species of birds behave when they mate or start a family, or imagine how four-legged forest creatures adapt to survive their environments and the earth's changing seasons. How about certain species that can also adapt to living quarters, and they have the liberty of choosing to go "underground" or "aboveground," sometimes underwater or above water, actually. And there are specific subcategories for those kinds of creatures! Isn't nature wonderfully adaptive?

But aside from these obvious evolutionary quirks and details, even our most common animal species could exhibit some unique traits that we may not be aware of. So come and take this quiz, and let's discover some of these facts that abound in the animal kingdom. It may be a difficult quiz, but it's also commonsensical if you know your animal kingdom basics! Try it and see!


Which electrifying metal is used in an octopus’ blood?
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Octopus blood uses copper instead of iron to carry oxygen. That's because copper stores oxygen better when it’s cold or in high pressure.

Squirrels would make great party guests since they won’t do this when they’ve had too much to eat or drink. What is it?
Make noises
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It's interesting to know that squirrel bodies aren’t anatomically designed to vomit. They’ve evolved in a different way, including knowing that eating clay can reduce food poisoning.

Why do owls turn their heads when they look around?
Their eyeballs can’t move.
For good hearing
Due to their widely-set nostrils
They use feathers to feel the air.
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Owl eyes aren’t really eyeballs like with humans, as they are tube-like in form. Their eyes are made that way so that they could become very good at seeing movement and changes in light.


How do flies avoid your swat attack?
They have a danger sense.
Everything is in slow motion.
They can see movement well.
They sense vibrations.
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Flies actually see the world in slow motion. Studies show that smaller animals see the world at a slower pace than larger ones. Some researchers say this also applies to children and adults.

In a funny twist, what is the skin color of a polar bear?
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Polar bears have evolved to have black skin because they need it to survive. Black skin helps to absorb heat from the sun’s rays more efficiently.

What seasonal thing can tell reptile parents if their hatchlings will be mostly boys or girls?
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Some reptiles come out male or female based on the temperature inside their eggs when they were still growing inside. For example, American crocodiles turn out female if the temperature is not too hot or cold.


Why is a mantis shrimp like Mike Tyson?
Emits a lisp-like sound
Punches prey
Aggressive biting habits
Has tattoo-like markings
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Mantis shrimps are the assassins of the crustacean world. Their attacking limbs can hit prey at up to 50 miles per hour in one strike. And yes, the mantis shrimp that researchers observed was really named Tyson.

What animal-based material is five times stronger than steel?
Snail shells
Crab carapace
Shark cartilage
Spider silk
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Spider silk is one of the strongest natural materials within mother nature’s collection. Aside from being many times stronger than steel, it can also stretch very far, and can also stick to flat surfaces.

Which urban flyer can do simple math?
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Pigeons can be trained to recognize math values on the same level as some monkeys. They were taught to figure out the differences between groups of objects with different amounts of objects in them.


Why are otters such handy animals?
They can dive for long periods.
They can use tools.
They have whiskers.
They make funny sounds.
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Sea otters have figured how to use rocks as tools. They use different kinds of rocks to pry food from the seabed, and as “can openers” for the crustaceans they love to eat.

Though Rudolph’s nose glows red, what non-furry body part changes color in reindeers during winter?
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Reindeer eye color changes to blue in the winter as an adaptable measure. This helps them see better during dark winter days and nights. Now that’s a great way to evolve and adapt.

Why are sloths so slow?
Bad joints
Defense habit
Slow metabolism
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Sloths may seem like a lazy bunch, but they’re slow for a good scientific reason. Their leafy diet doesn’t provide much energy, and they have such slow metabolism, so they move like they’re always in first gear.


Axolotl salamanders are seen as magical animals by certain cultures. If one lost a leg, what would it do?
Adapt to three legs
Grow a new one
It will lose the legs anyways.
It will go into a dormant state.
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Axolotl salamanders are found in Mexico, and they are known for their ability to regrow body parts. Growing a new tail or legs is not a problem for them, and axolotls can even repair brain and spinal injuries if needed.

How do anteaters eat ants?
Long snout
Large paws
Long tongue
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Anteaters primarily use their long tongues to eat ants. Their long tongues are very sticky, and can move around like miniature whips or tentacles to catch as many ants as possible.

What’s so amazing about a chameleon’s eyes?
They move separately.
Full color vision
Bulges out of the head
They’re armored.
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Chameleons have eyes that can rotate and look around independently of the other. Some researchers think that the chameleon is still evolving stereo vision. Others say it is specialized for their environment.


Why should you be happy if a butterfly lands and stays on your food?
It means your food is beautiful.
It means you’re in a good place.
It’s good luck.
It can mean your food is edible.
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Butterflies can taste anything they land on using the equivalent of taste buds that are actually located on their feet. This determines if what they’ve landed on is edible or not. So it’s not a totally bad omen if this happens.

What’s so bloody special about the saliva of vampire bats?
It disinfects wounds.
It stops blood from clotting.
It gives out a scent that attracts other bats.
It has a special color.
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Vampire bats are highly specialized when it comes to drinking blood. Their saliva prevents blood from clotting, so that blood will keep on flowing freely while they feed.

Why is wombat poop so unusual?
They’re cube-shaped.
They really stink.
They’re also emergency food for wombats.
They can be used for construction.
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Wombat feces are unusual in that they are cube-shaped. For practicality, cubes won’t roll around like round objects, so their feces help them mark their territory with fixed “signposts.” Such a smarter way to evolve!


Some horned lizards have a great trick to drive away predators. What is it?
Roaring like a small dragon
Squirting blood from their eyes
Leaving their tails behind
Having very loud colors
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Some species of horned lizards have evolved in a way that they can actually squirt blood from their eyes. They can use this act to surprise and drive away predators, and at the same time remove dirt from their eyes. Great multitasking!

Male emperor penguins will do anything for love, and they will do this as parents. What will they do?
Sing every sunrise
Guard the eggs for months
Run away
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Male emperor penguins can go without food for months while guarding the eggs, so their mates can get back into shape. They can lose up to 26 pounds when they do this, so that’s great commitment right there.

Aside from humans, what other animal includes getting drunk as part of their dietary habit?
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A study in Guinea revealed that chimpanzees there drink fermented palm sap, which has 3% alcohol. This fact makes these animals probably the only animals to enjoy a bender like some people do. Bottoms up!


Are peacocks female birds?
They can “switch” when needed.
The guys and the girls are the same.
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If you think about it, the clue for a peacock’s sex is in the name itself. Peacocks are guys, and the girls are called peahens. In their species, they can figure out who’s a better mate depending on who has a better set of feathers.

How do sea otters sweetly prevent themselves from drifting apart when they’re asleep in the water?
They float in packs.
They find a small pond.
They hold hands.
They don’t sleep in the water, but on land.
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When sea otters hold hands, it’s not because they’re such romantic creatures. Otter mothers will usually hold the hands of their pups or anchor them with seaweed to prevent them from drifting away while sleeping. So the act is basically a protective measure for survival.

Why are male clownfish a bit strange when it comes to mating?
They crack good jokes.
They can turn into females.
The females let the males take care of the eggs.
The males sometimes eat the eggs.
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All clownfish are born male. However, when breeding season comes, some of them will turn into true females to mate. It’s a natural adjustment for them.


Why will sugar never make cats feel good?
It’s poisonous to cats.
They prefer meat.
They can’t taste sweetness.
They don’t like granulated stuff.
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Cats don’t have many taste buds, which limits their ability to taste food. In this case, cats do not have a sense of taste for sweetness, so sugar isn’t something special for them.

Although the narwhal is famous as the horned porpoise, what is the truth behind the narwhal’s horn?
It’s a tooth.
It’s part of the skull.
It’s the tongue.
It’s a bony skin growth.
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The narwhal’s horn is an oversized tooth that can reach up to nine feet long. Researchers think that it may be used for hunting, or for impressing potential mates.

What is the Hollywood myth about bald eagles?
Their sharp talons
Their being bald
Their glide-like flight
Their screaming bird calls
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When people think of the bald eagle, they think of the big, screaming call these birds make, which we always hear portrayed at the movies. Real bald eagle calls, however, sound more like chicks, or a piping call from a smaller bird.


This shouldn’t be surprising, but what are some cats allergic to?
Other cats
Dry food
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Allergies are common, even in animals. Just as some humans are allergic to cat dander, or those small particles of hair or fur, some cats can also be allergic to human dander, which is made up of shed dead cells from our bodies. So yes, your pet cat can get allergic to you, too, human!

Do bulls really get angry when they see red?
Depends on the kind of bull
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Bulls don’t really get angry or agitated when they see red, because they are colorblind when it comes to red. The red cloth’s movements are the actual temper triggers, that’s why bullfighters wave them about.

Are elephants really afraid of mice?
We don’t know.
Only the wild ones
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The myth about elephants fearing mice goes back to stories about mice getting stuck in elephant trunks. There has been no strict study done yet, though a famous reality TV show had an episode where they “proved” the story is true. We’ll leave this one to real scientists for the final word.


Why do people say it’s possible for people to tip cows over at night?
They get surprised easily.
They sleep standing up.
They have a bad sense of balance.
They trust humans too much.
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Cows do fall asleep while standing up. But the truth is, cows are actually very light sleepers. Thus, trying to tip them over is probably not such a good idea.

Like sharks, the platypus has some sort of “sixth sense.” What can it detect?
Water chemistry
Light on their skin
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The platypus bill has many cells that can actually detect electric currents. This gives them the power to locate prey by their weak electrical fields.

How do fish drown in water?
If it’s too fresh
If it’s too salty
They don’t.
Not enough oxygen
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When the oxygen levels in an area of water get very low, fish can actually suffocate. The levels dip due to different factors such as pollution or having too many organisms in one area.


What parts of a dog’s body have the greatest number of sweat glands aside from the nose?
Inner part of limbs
Tail and back
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Dogs do have sweat glands, but not as many as humans do. Most of their sweat glands are around the nose and the footpads, which don’t have fur.

When you have real bird’s nest soup, what are you really eating?
Wood chips
Bird feathers
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Bird’s nest soup is made from the nests of birds called the edible-nest swiftlets, a species endemic in Southeast Asia. Their nests are almost exclusively made from the bird’s hardened saliva.

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