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In 2017, Netflix debuted "13 Reasons Why," a series that ripped the veil of secrecy off of high school life, exposing such raw issues as bullying and suicide. While the show certainly got people talking, it also offered an intriguing glimpse into the mind of Hannah Baker, a girl who chose death over her daily struggles. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this poignant and powerful series.

What record does Hannah leave behind to explain why she ended her life?

Hannah dictated her 13 reasons onto a series of old-school cassette tapes that she took from her parents' store. The tapes served as an audio diary of her decision.


What is Clay's preferred method of transportation?

Clay spends much of the series cycling around town as he follows the sad story of Hannah Baker.


Where do Hannah and Clay work?

The two friends work together at the Crestmont, a local movie theater. Hannah got the job a few weeks before Clay, which gives her the experience needed to train him when he takes the job.


What does Hannah's dad do for a living?

Hannah's dad is a pharmacist who owns his own small shop, Baker's Drugs. The store is struggling thanks to the big-box store Walplex, which opened nearby.


Which of the main characters in the show has two dads?

Courtney Crimsen is the overachieving girl who happens to have gay parents. Growing up with two dads has made her hesitant to reveal her own sexual identity, especially when she is caught on camera kissing Hannah.


Where did Clay get the Walkman he used to listen to the tapes?

Confronted with a set of old tapes, Clay struggles to find a way to play them. He finally goes to his friend Tony -- who likes classic cars and other old-school technology -- and borrows his Walkman without permission.


In a picture of Hannah and Courtney that gets taken without their knowledge, what are they doing?

When Hannah discovers she has a stalker, Courtney comes over to help her catch the peeping Tom. The girls play a drunken game of Truth or Dare, which leads to a kiss that's caught on film.


Who dies after Sheri hits the stop sign?

Everyone thinks Jeff was drunk when he was in an accident the night of the party. Turns out, he died as a result of the missing stop sign, which Sheri had knocked over earlier that same night.


Why was Clay one of the reasons?

After Clay and Hannah finally -- finally!! -- kiss, she finds herself wrestling with the demons in her own head and orders him to leave her alone. He does, but she wishes he had stayed, and that's why he became one of the reasons behind her decision.


What is Mr. Porter's advice to Hannah when she goes to him as a last resort?

In Hannah's last act before taking her own life, she goes to school guidance counselor Mr. Porter for help. He says all the wrong things, urging her to forget her problems and move on. The lack of support drives Hannah further toward her ultimate end.


Where does Hannah have her first kiss?

Hannah shares her first kiss with Justin Foley at a local playground. The sweet moment turns sour when Justin takes a picture of Hannah going down a slide and sends it around the school, pretending that it shows Hannah in a not-so-innocent situation.


Where does Hannah commit suicide?

Hannah uses a razor blade to cut her own wrists, then bleeds out in the bathtub at her home. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, there is hel​p. Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800) 273-8255 to reach a skilled, trained counselor 24/7.


What does Sheri hit while giving Hannah a ride home from a party?

A sober Sheri notices Hannah having a rough time at a party and offers her a ride home. Hannah accepts, but is upset after Sheri hits a stop sign and knocks it over, then refuses to call the police so the sign can be replaced.


What did Ryan do to betray Hannah?

After Hannah found a bit of solace at a local poetry club, Ryan went against her wishes and published one of her poem's in a school magazine -- betraying her privacy and trust.


What is Mr. Porter's job at the school?

Mr. Porter is the school guidance counselor -- and he's also the final reason that Hannah chose to end her life, according to the tapes she left behind.


Who finds Hannah's body?

Hannah's mother Olivia -- played by Kate Walsh -- finds her body in the bathtub after noticing water seeping under the door.


Who has the second copy of the tapes?

It's Tony, who isn't on the tapes, that Hannah trusts enough to leave a second copy of the cassettes with. Her instructions reveal that he should make the tapes public if any of the people on the tapes refuse to listen to her story.


Who is Hannah's stalker?

Turns out that outsider Tyler Down is the one pointing his camera lens into Hannah's bedroom window at night. Ominously, Tyler gets more and more disillusioned as the series continues, eventually stockpiling weapons in his bedroom.


Which of the young male students shot himself in the head at the end of season one?

A distraught Alex shot himself in the head after struggling with his guilt over how he treated Hannah. Viewers are left to wonder his ultimate fate after learning he survived the initial shooting.


What does Clay do to get revenge on Tyler?

After learning that Tyler took the picture of Hannah and Courtney kissing, Clay takes a naked picture of Tyler without his knowledge. He then sends the picture around school, making his own justice.


Which of the students has a mom who's a lawyer for the school?

Clay's mom is a litigator who ends up representing the school as they defend themselves against the lawsuit from Hannah's parents. Her job is to determine if the school ignored allegations of bullying that led to Hannah's suicide.


Who is the captain of the football team?

Bryce is the captain of the football team and thinks the rules don't apply to him, thanks to his parents' money.


Who put Hannah's name on the infamous "Hot List?"

It's Alex who, in a moment of stupidity, put Hannah's name on the "Hot List" that the guys passed around school. Her spot on the list objectified her in the minds of male students, and ending up leading to many of the bad events that happened in her life later.


Which of the students was NOT asked to provide a deposition?

Sheri was one of the few students involved who was not forced to sit for a deposition. She was also the only one to confess her crime, calling the police to admit that she knocked over the stop sign.


Which old friend does Clay reach out to after finishing the tapes?

Clay sees a lot of Hannah's struggles in his old friend Skye -- who has marks on her wrists, suggesting that she is a cutter. Clay reaches out to her after finishing the tapes and the pair go on a long drive with Tony and his boyfriend. If you or someone you know struggles with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, there is hel​p. Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800) 273-8255 to reach a skilled, trained counselor 24/7.


What beverage do Hannah and Jessica bond over?

After being introduced by a completely over-eager guidance counselor, Hannah and Jessica bond over hot chocolate at the local coffeeshop. Eventually, they bring Alex into their group, though he prefers coffee to cocoa.


What does Clay scratch into Zach's car?

Hannah once wrote Zach a heart-felt letter, asking "Why me?" He ignored her, so Clay carved the question into the side of Zach's car so he would never forget her words.


Which young actress was originally slated to play Hannah?

When Universal Studios bought the film rights to the story in 2011, they picked Selena Gomez to star in the film. When Netflix picked up the rights and decided to make a TV series instead of a film, they made Gomez the narrator and picked another young actress to play Hannah.


What does Hannah spend a dollar on for Valentine's Day?

The school hosts an event called "One Dollar Valentines," where people pay a dollar to be matched with a potential love interest. Hannah shells out a dollar and ends up on a disastrous date with Marcus Cole.


What did Hannah lose right before Bryce's party?

Hannah offered to help her busy parents by dropping off the bank deposit for them. Unfortunately, she left the envelope of cash on top of her car and lost it when she drove away. After telling her parents the bad news, she walked for hours -- ending up at Bryce's house.


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