Quiz: Nothin' but Net: NBA Trivia Quiz
Nothin' but Net: NBA Trivia Quiz
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In what city were the Los Angeles Lakers initially based?
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Wilt Chamberlain once scored 100 points in a game. Which player has the second-highest total points in a single game?
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Who guarded Michael Jordan when he made his buzzer-beater against Cleveland in the 1989 playoffs?
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How long is a regulation NBA game?
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Has a player ever averaged a triple-double for an entire season?
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How many seconds does an NBA team get to shoot?
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Which of these players has a father who also played in the NBA?
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Who was the first Mexican-born player in the NBA?
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Which NBA team has won the most titles?
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What former player was the inspiration for the NBA logo?
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Which of these players went straight to the NBA from high school?
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What were the New Orleans Pelicans previously called?
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In what season did the NBA adopt the 3-point shot?
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In the last two minutes, where can a team inbound after a timeout?
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What was the late NBA player Darryl Dawkins’ nickname?
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What former NBA player became famous for marketing a brand of $15 sneakers?
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How long does an NBA team have to get the ball across the midcourt line?
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Who can overturn referee calls based on video replays during a game?
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What percentage of corner 3-pointers do NBA teams make, on average?
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How long can a defensive player stay in the key area if he is not guarding an opponent?
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Who is the youngest player to score 25,000 points in his career?
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What manufacturer makes the official NBA game ball?
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What is the average height of an NBA player?
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Who won the highest-scoring NBA game ever?
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How long is an NBA overtime period?
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What player has the record for most offensive rebounds in a game?
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Who was the first foreign-born NBA player to become league MVP?
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At the buzzer, a shot is good if it already has done what?
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What player became famous for his “skyhook”?
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Who is the shortest player in NBA history?
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