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By: Robin Tyler

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About This Quiz

When it comes to a fine-looking motor car, we tend to get hung up on how it looks from the outside. We look at it from the front, the back, the side and every angle possible to see all those lines the designers added to give their car a little more flair. 

A raised panel here, a curve there ... it all makes a difference in making each car stand out and look unique.

And at the end of the day, that's often how we recognize various vehicles, makes and models. From their outside looks. 

So with this quiz, we want to switch it up a bit. Identifying a car from the outside is easy, especially if it is a well-known model. Just think about it, who is not going to be able to tell us what a Volkswagen Beetle is by just looking at its shape?

But what if we gave you an image of the inside of a car? Would you be as confident to identify the maker and the model then? It's a little more difficult, that is for sure, but not impossible if you just take your time and think!

So let's see just how you fare!

Good luck!

An easy one to start. Which iconic car does this vintage interior to belong to?

Probably the most iconic car in the world, the Volkswagen Beetle was produced from 1937 to 2003 when the last car rolled off the production line in Mexico. The interior remained very minimalist, with only the necessary knobs, sticks and buttons necessary!


Can you name which car this interior belongs to? It's a little cramped, it seems!

Perhaps one of the most famous cars ever produced, the Mini first appeared in England 1959 with the Mark 1. This small car was produced well into the late ‘90s with various upgrades and changes over the years. The interior didn't change much, however.


That's luxurious! What vehicle sports this beautiful interior?

Produced from 1998 to 2002, the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, designed by Graham Hull is a full-sized luxury car. Although it was only released in 1998, Rolls-Royce had begun to develop the Seraph in the 1980s. Incidentally, this was the first Rolls-Royce powered by a 12-cylinder engine since 1939.


Vroom! Which car from the 1960s came with this interior?

First manufactured in 1967, the Camaro is one of the most popular Chevrolet models ever. This muscle car has seen six different generations, with the V8-powered versions the favorites. The early models had a typical interior for the period.


Could you tell us which of the vehicles listed below has this interior?

Still going strong today, the Dodge Caravan was introduced in 1984 and is considered to be one of the first minivans.


Another very small car interior, but what vehicle does it belong to?

Who doesn’t love the Fiat 500? The first model was released way back in the 1950s. This car took Europe by storm and it's not difficult to understand why. Small, cheap and certainly cute, 500s from that era remain in demand today.


Large and in charge with an interior to match. Which vehicle is shown here?

A civilian version of the Humvee military vehicle, the Hummer H1 would then obviously be more than capable as an off-roader. And it is but with limitations. In fact, some H1 owners went as far as changing out the standard 6.5-liter diesel engine and replacing it with something to provide more speed. Another disadvantage is that the H1 is a massive vehicle. You need a large open off-road track for this behemoth.


The interior shown in this image is associated with which of the cars below?

Everybody loves the Countach from Lamborghini. It's not only that wedge shape but the scissor doors that open upward that attracts you to it. This was one of the quintessential sports cars of the 1970s and 1980s.


Just the bare minimum needed for the interior of this car. Do you know what it is?

The brainchild of Carroll Shelby, the Cobra first revved in anger in 1962. Based on a lightweight body that he imported from the AC Cars, Shelby bolted a Ford 260 engine to it. And the rest is history! In the years that followed, Shelby bolted even bigger engines to the AC frame, which brought about a car with nimble handling and lots and lots of power.


The interior shown here belongs to a __________

A luxury SUV, the Tesla Model X is an electric vehicle capable of traveling between 237–295 miles on a single charge depending on driving conditions. Sporting all-wheel drive and two motors, the top of the range P90D produces 193 kilowatts to the front tires and 375 kilowatts to the rear tires!


Could you tell us which of the vehicles below you would associate with the interior in this image?

The Rebel combines comfort and off-road abilities thanks to its full frame front suspension, a solid real axle as well as air suspension all round. Not only can ride height be adjusted for the toughest terrain but it can benefit on the highway as well with higher gas mileage. It also has an excellent eight-speed gearbox.


This interior belongs to a classic British sports car. What is it?

The BGT from MG was part of the BG range. It was produced from 1965 to 1980 and was powered by a 1.8-liter engine. The BGT was a fixed roof 2-door roadster.


An easy one. Which classic does this interior belong to?

Possibly the most iconic car ever built, the Model T made vehicles affordable to the man in the street. Thanks to Henry Ford using interchangeable parts as well as using a production line to build the car, prices for the Model T were kept low enough for ordinary people to be able to buy a car. And it showed in the sales figures, with over 15 million sold from 1908 to 1927.


The central steering wheel in this interior shot should give the car away easily.

In 1992, Formula One team McLaren, launched the F1. This high-performance sports car was powered by a 6.2-liter V12 engine that produced over 600 brake horsepower. Interestingly, the engine is lined with 24-karat gold to help with the dispersal of heat.


Any idea as to which vehicle below matches the interior shown in this image?

Released in 1996, the Boxter is a 2-door, 2-seat roadster. This Porsche was driven by a water-cooled, flat six-cylinder engine. Although not as quick as some of its rivals, it handled beautifully.


A ______ would be the vehicle to associate with this interior.

Regarded as one of the best off-roaders ever produced by Jeep, the Wrangler's compact nature means it can often go where bigger off-roaders can’t. Those tucked away, tight trails – this is where the Wrangler will excel. It offers excellent tires, six-speed gearbox with a 4:1 transfer case and an inline six engine capable of producing all the torque you will ever need.


Which of the cars below do you think would have this interior?

This mid-engine, rear wheel sportscar was first marketed by Alfa Romeo in 2014. It features as a 2-door coupe and roadster and is powered by a 1.75 L turbocharged engine which produces 237 brake horsepower. The 4C's top speed is 160 mph.


This car interior is from which car?

First released in 1997, it was hard not to notice the Prowler with its retro styling. This 2-door roadster was powered by a 3.5-liter EGG V6 engine. Over 11,000 were made.


This interior is from a classic. Name it, please.

Other than the fact that it is the quintessential Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5 certainly is a classic! This luxury grand tourer was only produced between 1963 and 1965 with little over 1,000 made. It was available as a hardtop and as a convertible.


This interior belongs to a beautiful sports car. Do you know which one?

1,311 Ferrari F40s were produced between 1987 and 1991. Many consider this to be the finest Ferrari ever. The F40 was powered by a 2.9 liter twin turbo V12 capable of producing 471 brake horsepower. The F40s top speed was 321 km/h.


This interior belongs to which off-roader listed below?

The first 4x4 Bronco hit the trails in 1966, and between that year and 1977, proved to be a more than capable off-roader. Blessed with a turning circle of just 33.8 feet, thanks to a wheel base of 92-inches, later models also included a Ford V8 engine with incredible torque. Bronco production ended in 1996 after 30 years but Ford will reintroduce the model in around 2019.


A ___________ is the vehicle that this interior belongs to.

Built between 1981 and 2002, the Holden Jackaroo was based on the Isuzu Trooper. This SUV was marketed for two generations and included an HSV model with a high-performance engine.


Can you tell us which car is associated with the interior shown in the image?

As the luxury brand of Nissan, Infiniti offers top-quality cars but a little pricier than other vehicles in their respective segments. The Q70 is certainly not cheap, even at entry level, but it does offer a host of onboard features, ample space for cargo and passengers and an excellent fuel-efficient hybrid engine.


This interior belongs to a true classic and classy car. Do you know what it is?

A true classic from the '50s, the 300 SL started life as a racing car in 1952 but soon became a production car in 1954 as a two-door coupe. The 300 SL became instantly recognizable thanks to its gullwing doors. Just over 3,200 of the coupe and roadster were built up until 1963.


The best selling car in its class, which vehicle has this interior?

An all-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf went into production in 2010. Of course, perhaps the most important thing with such a car is the range. Today, a fully charged Leaf has a range of 107 miles with the larger 30 kWh battery. Perhaps more importantly, a flat battery can be charged to 80% within a mere 30 minutes. This is the best-selling electric car in the world.


This interior belongs to a simply stunning car. What is it?

A sports car from Lexus, the LFA was produced for just a two-year period from 2010 to 2012. It was one of the most expensive cars offered by the brand and only 500 were built. The LFA was powered by 4.8-liter V10 capable of producing 552 brake horsepower.


Which car would suit this interior?

This mid-engined two-seat sports car was first marketed by Audi in 2006. It is available as a coupe and convertible and uses Audi's all-wheel-drive system. This, along with a 5.2-liter FSI V10 engine give the R8 plenty of oomph!


Do you know which interior is shown here?

First released in 1948, without a doubt, the F-Series by Ford is the most iconic pickup in U.S. motoring history. Over the past 30 years, the F-150 has outsold every other competitor each and every year. And it's not difficult to see why. Now a thoroughly modern brand, the F-150 keeps that incredible personality of its predecessors.


Small for sure, but do you know which vehicle you would associate this interior with?

Mini cars have a certain charm, and perhaps the most famous of them all is the Isetta. Interestingly, this was not a BMW design, but built under license. BMW built the Isetta between 1955 to 1962.


A massive interior, but from which model and automaker?

When you think of big luxury SUVs, certainly the Escalade pops into your mind. With its massive 20-inch rims, large tires and plenty of chrome, the Escalade is perfect for those who want to make an entrance. This probably explains why it is loved by rappers!


Can you match a car from the list below to this interior?

Based on the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Canyon was introduced into the US auto market in 2003. It is currently in its third generation.


This is the interior of a very famous race car. Can you name it?

The first generation of the GT40 won the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour endurance race for four straight years from 1966 to 1969, which included filling out the top three positions in 1966. Only 105 were produced.


A tough one! This interior is from which vehicle?

Three generations of the Holden Monaro have been produced in two separate runs. The first from 1968 to 1977 and the second from 2001 to 2006. The Manaro was available as a coupe and sedan and is considered to be a muscle car.


A modern super car has this interior. But what is it?

Built by Italian firm Pagani, the Zonda sports car had a very unique look when introduced in 1999. A number of models followed over the years with a range of power plant options including a 6.0 /7.0 or 7.3 liter M120 AMG V12 motor with the 7.0 liter pushing out 540 brake horsepower.


A revered sports car from the 1990s is the owner of this interior. Do you know what it is?

This two-door mid-engined sports car was marketed in the US as the Acura NSX. The first generation of the NSX was built between 1990 and 2005, with the second generation following a decade later in 2016. The current NSX, a hybrid, is powered by a 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors.


The vehicle that belongs to this interior is a capable off-roader. Do you know what it is?

Also known as the Bighorn, the Trooper was produced over two generations from 1981 to 2002. The off-road credentials of the Trooper are borne out by the fact that these models won a number of international off-road races including the marathon section of the 1994 Paris-Dakar rally.


A luxury interior for sure, but which vehicle below does it belong to?

Part of Hyundai's luxury division, the G80 was first introduced in 2016. This 4-door luxury sedan eight different engine options. The 2013 Gr.4 model, a race car version of the Genesis, appears in Grand Turismo Sport.


You either loved or hated the car that this interior belonged to.

Now part of the FIAT group, Chrysler has made some eye-catching models throughout their history. One of these, the PT Cruiser, is certainly a talking point. You either love it or hate it! Enough people loved it, however, with over 1 million sold between 2000 and 2011.


This interior belongs to the first hot hatch. Can you identify it?

Since the Golf Mk 1 hit the roads in 1974, this iconic German brand has continued to thrill motorists the world over. The Golf has gone from strength to strength. Now in its seventh incarnation, Golfs remain popular and have become top of the range, highly sophisticated cars.


The interior in this image belongs to the _______

This light commercial van was first produced by Ford in 1965 and remains an important model in their lineup to this day. In fact, over the years, Ford has sold over 8 million Transits. The vehicle is currently in its fourth generation.


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