Quiz: The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Quiz
The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Quiz
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: KT King via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

If you're a football fan and you're thinking about the most popular teams in the NFL, it's hard to not put the Dallas Cowboys in that conversation, even if you're a fan of the rival Giants of New York City. The Cowboys have been described as America's team, after all, and the franchise certainly has fans all around the United States, from Dallas to Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles. The widespread appeal of the Cowboys is what has made the team so popular. 

Of course, the Cowboys wouldn't be much without the legendary figures that have come through the organization, including players, coaches, and even owners. The Cowboys have a rich history of attracting the best talent at every level which has ensured the franchise's success throughout many different decades. 

Are you the ultimate Dallas Cowboys' fan? Do you know the history of the organization from its humble beginnings to the team's rise to prominence? Do you know the players and coaches who led the team throughout the various eras? Can you put all of your Dallas Cowboys' knowledge together and ace this quiz? 

If you're up for the challenge, get started with this quiz and prove to the rest of the football world that you're an expert when it comes to the Cowboys!

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