Which of These Animals Does Not Belong With the Others?

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Which of These Animals Does Not Belong With the Others?
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Animals are fascinating creatures. Birds fly. Fish live and breathe underwater. Have you ever thought about the diversity among animals? Most animals have their hearts in their chests, but a shrimp's heart is in its head. A three-toed sloth can rotate its head to almost 360 degrees. No matter how different they are, nature has given them all the distinct resources they need to survive. Animals like the starfish can regenerate while others like the tree lizard can blend in with the branch it's sitting on.

How much of an animal expert are you? Do you know the differences between amphibians and reptiles? Are you familiar will all the varieties of fish out there? Think about land animals and ocean animals. Imagine how vastly different life must be for animals who live by land or sea. Even animals within the same species could have completely different habits and traits depending on where they live. For example, a grizzly bear's habitat would not be the same as a polar bear's. They don't even have the same look. How much do you know about the animal world? Answer our questions about which animals don't belong in a group and see how you fare! Tread carefully! It's a jungle out there!

Most of these majestic birds live in Peru. Which one doesn't?
Snowy egret. Pure as the snow.
Condor. It soars through the jungle.
Blue jay. True blue.
Inca Tern. Mountain bird.
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You can find blue jays in eastern and central North America. Their name is misleading because they aren't actually blue. Rather, light on their feathers makes it seem that way.

All these birds but one fly. Can you tell us which one?
Eagle. Who doesn't want to fly like one?
Ostrich. A powerful bird.
Falcon. The hunter.
Hummingbird. The singer.
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For an ostrich, being the largest bird in the world means it can't fly like the rest. Their wings are small and can't lift them off the ground. Their feathers make for a great boa, though!

One of these animals is not a mammal. Which one?
Iguana. They love the sun.
Platypus. It fits the bill.
Lion. He's the king!
Horse. Of course, of course.
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They say a leopard can't change its spots, but this reptile, the iguana, can change many things about itself. Their skins and tails can come off. Shedding their skin is natural, but their tails can come off when a predator is near.


Most of these animals take their time. Which one is the hasty one?
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A jaguar may have a car named after it, but a cheetah is no slouch! It just happens to be the fastest land animal. It can run close to 110 mph. Don't ever get into a game of chicken with a cheetah!

All of these animals but one has a need for speed. Which one?
Peregrine falcon
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Manatees are not the speed racers of the animal kingdom, but they don't need to be. They literally go with the flow as the water current carries them from place to place, causing them to blend in with their surroundings.

Which of these animals is the one that can't regenerate?
Lizards. They're smooth operators.
Starfish. The star of the ocean.
Wood frog. He's a jumper.
Spider. Creepers.
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Wood frogs don't need to regenerate to survive. In winter, they go into deep hibernation where their heartbeats and breathing stops. A portion of their body fluids can freeze, and they can survive in below freezing temperatures!


Most of these animals mate for life. Which one doesn't?
Bald eagles. Regal birds.
Wolves. Pack runners.
Penguins. The waddlers.
Armadillos. Not the cutest, are they?
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Armadillos are generally loners. They don't see very well, so they spend most of their waking hours sniffing for food rather than a mate. They spend about 16 hours a day sleeping. Doesn't leave much time for romance, does it?

Which of these animals is the one you can't find in Africa?
Grizzly bears. Don't mess with them!
Giraffes. They have their heads in the clouds.
Rhinoceros. Don't make them charge you!
Hippopotamus. Hungry, hungry hippos!
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Grizzly bears are North American natives. They roam solo in places like western Canada, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Despite their solitary nature, they feed together. Females raise their cubs for two or three years.

Most of these animals live in Asia. Which one doesn't?
Cobra. Not easily charmed.
Seal. Clap! Clap!
Panda. A big teddy bear!
Bengal Tiger. Wild beauty.
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Many seals are found far away from Asia. The harp seal makes its home in the Arctic Ocean. These expert swimmers can go as deep as 1000 feet for food. Females give birth to baby seals on floating pack ice.


Which one of these animals was never a Disney character?
Abu the monkey. We all loved the hat and vest.
Iago the bird. So obnoxious!
Bagheera the panther. A lovable grouch.
Bugs Bunny. That screwy rabbit!
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Bugs Bunny was the star of Warner Bros. He was quick-witted and clever. He always managed to get into trouble wherever he went. But he always found a way to get out of it and could fool the best of them!

Which one of these dogs doesn't bark?
French poodle. They're fancy.
Chihuahua. Don't get too close!
Great Dane. They're working dogs.
Basenji. Not Benji!
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Basenjis are dogs from the Congo. They can't bark because they have flat larynxes. They may be the quiet ones in the dog world, but when they speak up, it sounds like a yodel. Yodel-lay-ee-dee!

Most of these animals sleep with one eye open. Which one doesn't?
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Dolphins, porpoises and whales all sleep with one eye open. They have to! They only half-sleep because they have to breathe and make sure they don't get eaten. Sleeping this way doesn’t affect their senses, though. They can hear and see like they’re fully awake.


Which animal is not part of the Chinese Zodiac?
Tasmanian Devil
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The story goes that when the Jade Emperor of China was looking for guards, he had 12 animals in mind. They all earned their spots. The quick-tempered Tasmanian devil wasn't even on the radar!

One of these animals doesn't hibernate during winter. Which one is it?
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Because they sleep 12-15 hours a day, you might think cats would hibernate. They don't. Cats in the wild develop thick coats and hunt in order to survive.

Which one of these animals doesn't "sing" at night?
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Tortoises are not the singers of the animal kingdom. The most they do is repeatedly exhale when they are about to go into their shell. They can hold their breath for a long time after that.


Which animal will you not see in Australia?
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These gentle giants can be found in the tundra, mountains and forests. They're scattered around Alaska, Canada, Greenland, northern Europe, and northern Asia. They don't fly, but they can have red noses due to blood vessels close to the skin to help regulate their temperature.

Which one of these animals is not a rodent?
Beavers. Watch those teeth!
Squirrels. Watch out for the flying ones!
Porcupine. Careful of the quills!
Raccoon. Hello, Rocket!
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Raccoons are mammals who can live anywhere because they're not picky eaters. Like squirrels, they will forage around. They enjoy seafood and get a lot of their meals from the water.

Which of these animals wasn't saved from extinction by zoos?
Giant ditch frog
European bison
Snow leopard
Lesser White-fronted goose
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Snow leopards were almost extinct. They were put on the endangered list in 1972 but taken off in 2017. Clever conservation efforts kept the winter kings of the jungles from going extinct.


Which animals can't be tamed?
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Zebras may be cute and look similar to their domesticated cousins, but you'll never be able to ride one. They're a little too unpredictable, and they will attack!

Which animals will you not find in the desert?
Wild dogs
Blue Whales
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Blue whales make their home in the ocean. Since they are the largest creatures the world has ever seen, the only place for them is the ocean. They weigh about 286,000 pounds and are about 98 feet long.

One of these animals doesn't have the same body part as the rest. Which one?
Texas Longhorns
Sable Antelopes
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Foxes are cute. The only things they have coming out of their heads are their cute little ears. They also have whiskers on their faces to help them assess the lay of the land, and even have them on their legs. They're not getting lost!


Which of these animals has four stomachs while the rest only have one?
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Cattle need four compartments to their stomachs to digest everything they eat. Since they eat a lot of grass and other kinds of coarse food, they need these stomachs to digest and break it all down.

Only one of these animals has blue eyes. Which one?
Siamese cats
Black labs
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Siamese cats are the royalty of the house cat world. Of course their eyes would be blue to match their blue blood stock! The blue color comes from the lack of pigment in their eyes.

Which one of these animals is not a carnivore?
Polar bear
Mountain lion
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The deer diet consists of plants, fruits and nuts, making them herbivores. In the fall and winter when it's slim pickings, they'll eat twigs, grass and leaves. They're not picky eaters!


Which one of these animals is not an herbivore?
African buffalo. Roamers.
Yak. Yak, yak, yak.
Hedgehog. Like Sonic!
Bison. Holy cow, they're big!
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Hedgehogs gather their food in bushes and other small, grassy areas. Their diets consist of insects, mice, frogs and snakes. They may be small, but they still eat other, smaller animals. Not herbivores!

Which animal doesn't lay eggs?
Komodo dragons
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No, gorillas do not lay eggs. They are mammals who give birth to live babies. They reproduce every four years. Newborns can weigh about four pounds. Most females have two to six babies in their lifetime.

Which animal doesn't have claws?
Harpy eagle
Horned owl
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Due to their size, elephants don't have natural enemies. When they do need to protect themselves, however, they have their trunks and tusks, and a trunk or tusk coming with at least 10,000 pounds behind it will pack a punch!


All of these animals have only one baby at a time. Which one doesn't?
Gray partridge
Water buffaloes
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Gray partridges lay about 22 eggs, and they can have about 16 to 18 little ones running around. That's about the size of a kindergarten class! They lay so many eggs because they don’t live very long, close to 2 years.

Which one of these dogs was not a movie dog?
Bruiser. One fancy dog!
Marley. A goofball.
Hooch. The behemoth.
Timmy. Come home!
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Timmy was the boy Lassie had to save more than once. The rest stole the hearts of moviegoers with their adorable and kooky antics. Bruiser's clothes were more color coordinated than a lot of people's!

All of these are cat names. Which one wasn't famous?
Felix. He was silent but silly.
Charlie. Sorry, Charlie!
Cheshire. Keep smiling!
Mr. Biggleworth. Yeah, baby!
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While Charlie is the name of a cat, it's not a famous one. A famous Charlie was a tuna. He was a cartoon mascot commercial staple for Starkist. The actual cats on this list might find him interesting!


You can find all these animals in the Amazon rain forest except one. Which one?
Pink dolphin
Glass frog
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You can find walruses in the Arctic. That's why they need all that blubber! They can even slow down their heart rates to survive extreme cold.

Which one of these animals never has tusks?
Billy goats
Wild boars
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Both male and female billy goats have hooves, tails and horns. They have them throughout their lives. Unless evolution happens, you won't see one with tusks.

Which animal was not featured in Aesop's fables?
Hare. Slow and steady.
Crow. Don't get scared.
Ocelot. Spot it.
Grasshopper. Yes, young grasshopper.
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The Ocelot and the Goat wouldn't have had the same ring as "The Fox and the Goat" would it? Ocelots are the quieter cat. They are nocturnal animals and do what they need to do at night.


All but one of these animals is extinct. Which one?
Saber-toothed tiger. Flintstones anyone?
Wooly mammoth. Snuffleupagus!
Dodo bird. Don't be a dodo!
Macaw. Bright and beautiful.
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Macaws are everywhere. You can go to Mexico, Central, and South America and see a large flock brightening up the sky. They're social birds, and their flocks can number from 10 to 30. They're not going anywhere anytime soon!

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