Quiz: Can You Name the Animal If We Tell You What State It Lives In?
Can You Name the Animal If We Tell You What State It Lives In?
By: Diana Spasic
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The creatures of the animal kingdom can live underwater, fly, spit venom and change their colors and sizes, among other things. Their world is so fascinating and versatile that it would be hard to imagine them being more interesting than they already are. But, aside from being fascinating, animals are also very important for all life on Earth.

We love our pets, but there is so much more to the animal world than dogs and cats, although those two species are utterly important as well. Animals that live in the wilderness are keeping our ecosystem healthy, and yet we often don’t even know what they are called.

Each life form plays a very important role in the ecological balance of our planet. Carnivores are nature’s way of controlling the population of herbivores in grasslands or forests. If there were no carnivores, herbivores would grow their populations so big that they would wipe out the forests and grasslands to feed themselves. Scavengers are here to clean all the decaying carcasses that would otherwise fall prey to various microorganisms.

We share the planet with millions of animals that have numerous outstanding characteristics. If you are looking for unusual creatures with mad superpowers you should look no further than your local forest, lake or mountain. Now let's have some fun!

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