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Take a stroll around the globe with our world quizzes. They're packed with trivia about capitals, landmarks, historical figures and more.

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There are many cities to choose from when you move to Canada, but the decision can be a hard one. Answer these questions about yourself, and we'll help you to decide where you would fit in best!

By Heather Cahill

Nordic history is beautiful and vast, and when you visit one of the five recognized Nordic countries of the world, you're sure to have an unforgettable adventure. Test your knowledge of Nordic geography with this country and places quiz.

By Ruby Scalera

There are countless flowers that emerge in the morning to meet the sun, but you may be surprised to learn just how many species reach peak bloom long after the sun has set. Take our quiz to see how many of these night-bloomers you can name!

By Bambi Turner


Monsters are part of our everyday life and they are immortalized in books, movies, and storytelling. With so many different monsters out there, would you be able to identify all of them? Take this quiz to test your monster knowledge!

By Abby

You don't need to travel across Europe to be able to identify these landmarks as many of them are so iconic. Let's see how many of them you can correctly identify!

By Khadija Leon

Oh Jeez, this is quite the quiz we have here. If you think you know how to say "front room" like a Chicagoan, we dare you to take this quiz. Let's see how you'd fare in a conversation with a true Midwesterner.

By Lauren Lubas

It may seem like just yesterday that the world was stressing about Y2K, but it has been over two decades now! How much do you remember about 1999? Dial in to this quiz and test your knowledge!

By Ashley Ehman


"Happiness," "beautiful" and "flower stems," oh "Mai!" If you're curious about what your inner Japanese name means, then it's time to find out if you're a ray of "Nikko" or colorful like the "Gen" season!

By Talin Vartanian

MOM, DAD, BOY, GAL, BRO, SIS, PEE, POO, BOO, AHH, RUN, SIT, DIE, AND and THE are all official airport codes around the world. Are you well-traveled? Can you match the international airport code to the airport?

By Jonnathan Chadwick

These days, politics can seem like a circus that makes choosing between potential leaders increasingly difficult — but that just means it is all the more important to know what you care about and why. Let's find out!

By Zoe Samuel

Let's take a trip back to high school chemistry class! Do you remember all those fun things you were taught about the periodic table? Jog your memory with this quiz, and we'll tell you how much knowledge your big brain managed to retain.

By Teresa McGlothlin


Is it a métro or a subway? Do you use utensils or do you call it cutlery? These are just a few examples of Canadian speech regionalisms — what can your speech patterns tell us about where you're from?

By Ashley Linkletter

If we give you a clue, will you be able to follow the piece of yarn back to the Minotaur in the labyrinth? Take this quiz to follow the meanings of English words back to their strange and mythical origins!

By Elisabeth Henderson

England is as geographically and culturally complex as any nation. Though most people may not see all of it in their lifetimes, there is undoubtedly a region for everyone. Which one matches your personality?

By Zoe Samuel

Lent is a season of fasting in preparation for Easter. But people these days often jump from Mardi Gras to Easter without giving up anything. What are you willing to give up? Try on these temptations and we’ll tell you where you belong!

By Elisabeth Henderson


Has it been so long since you've seen cursive that you've lost your touch? Take a look at these letters and see if you remember what they are! Will you know as many as you would have known in elementary school?

By Teresa McGlothlin

Which way is up and which way is nwod in this quiz of opposites? Test your mastery of the English language by identifying these backward words and their opposites. Can you be suoirotciv, or will you just be desufnoc? s'teL og!

By Beth Hendricks

Do you belong on the mean streets of New York City, or were you meant to coast down L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard? Tell us about yourself, and we'll reveal which coast you should live on!

By Emily Maggrett

"O, say can you see" the lie in our truths about American traditions? Take your best shot at our less than accurate facts, and see how well you know your American stuff. Will you fall for any of our whoppers?

By Teresa McGlothlin


You don't have to be Joanna Gaines to understand homes! Everyone has their own opinions, even architects, and the only person whose opinion really matters is the person who owns the home. So, do you want some insight as to which architectural home matches your opinions and personality? Just open the door to this quiz!

By Lauren Lubas

From legions of soldiers to powerful generals, it's impossible to get a full scope of the Roman Empire and its role in history without discussing the many wars Rome engaged in. How well read are you on the wars that defined an empire?

By Gavin Thagard

If you thought math was hard, you should see what science has to offer. Those who know a few Latin words will ace this quiz. For everyone else, let's see if you can get a few of them right.

By Lauren Lubas

Time to put your Sunday School knowledge to the test. If you ever memorized the books of the Bible with the aid of a catchy tune, now's the time to start singing. See if you can recognize the true books of the Bible mixed in with a bunch of fakes!

By Brittany Rowland


We humans have always had a profound connection to the moon, but do we really know it? Test your knowledge of the various phases our little neighbor goes through, how those phases may actually impact us, all while you enjoy other fun lunar facts along the way!

By Dustyn Deerman

Programming languages come in many flavors. Determining which programming language one should learn has everything to do with what one intends to use it for! So which programming language is right for you? Take this quiz and find out!

By Zoe Samuel